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well I'll be darned...

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Now I know that Kes is smart, but this takes it to a whole new level. Kes has obviously watched us at the ice maker and has figured it out for herself :o Now the problem is that she won't stop :lol:


think I'll help myself to some ice


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[quote name='abker17']Hehe Abby loves getting ice from the ice maker! Whenever she hears it going she runs in and waits for an ice cube. :lol: She hasn't figured out how to get them herself though, thank god. :lol:[/quote]

Ditto! Kat and the cat LOVE running to the ice maker when they hear it going. Only Lucky eats the ice though... Kat just tries to keep him away rfom it since she thinks shes dominant over him. :roll: :lol:

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too funny....my ice is in the freezer, but if they hear you rattling around in there they come running....they also seem to know when the can opener is opening dinner veggies, or dog food...I have NOT figured that one out yet, except maybe the time, which is a whole OTHER can of worms....


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