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I got this hypothetical quesiton in an email. Your opinions?

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Jane Doe lives in ban Town USA , where she is a respected dog trainer.
Ban Town has specific guidelines concerning Pit Bull ownership. When the laws went into effect there was no Grandfather Clause for the dogs already living there.

Among these ownership guidelines is the stipulation that all Pit Bulls must have a CGC to remain in Ban Town.

Jane doesn't own Pit Bulls. Her breed of choice is the Standard Poodle.
Being a small town Jane is the only one who performs the CGC evaluation on the Pit Bulls. Jane is the only evaluator in Ban Town.
Jane admits that when she evaluates she passes all Pit Bulls unless they show serious behavior problems. She passes them when they really would not pass . For instance Jane had a dog whowas anxious when owner was out of sight, but otherwise was a very well behaved friendly dog. (Who leaves their pit bull with a stranger anyway?) She passed this dog. Jane has only failed 2 Pit Bulls out of 300 evaluated.

As long as Jane only passes dogs with minor behavioral problems is she helping the breed or is she being dishonest and reckless ?


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If a poodle fails to pass her test for displaying certain behaviour then a pit bull should also fail for displaying that same behaviour.

If a poodle passes even though it displays certain behaviour then a pit bull should also pass if it displays that same behaviour.

It works both ways and I do agree the rules should be the same – breed bias shouldn’t come into it.

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I don’t think reverse discrimination helps.

If this women passes a bit bull for it’s CGC, when in fact it really should have failed and then that dog gets in some sort of trouble it will then fuel comments like “even when these dogs have their CGC they still can’t be trusted – it just proves that the breed is bad” etc…..

I understand wanting to help pit bulls but by passing dogs that shouldn’t be passed you are just diluting what the CGC means and taking that away from the dogs that really earned it.

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I think it would depend on what part the dog failed...if the dog showed ANY aggressiveness at all, than no I wouldnt pass it. but I understand why she is doing this (theoretically). it wouldnt be a problem except for the mass hysteria concerning Pits. My hound gets anxious when I am not around. DO's Divina didnt pass the first time because she is deaf and so didnt respond to distraction...


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I don't like breed specific legislation, but I also don't like giving away undeserved titles. No really good answer here, but if I were a tester, I don't think I could break the rules in a flagrant way. Letting slip something very minor, or interpreting something in the most generous way is one thing. Passing dogs that can't do the work for the title, that's another. That puts my position in jeopardy as tester, and risks ruining the reputation of the CGC program, and any dog with that title.

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