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Denver Attack


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Did anyone read about this? I have been following the whole thing rather closely. A couple of facts: one of the dogs was a pit-chow mix according to reports. One nuetered male, one intact male and one intact female in heat. The boy's family's own dogs.


Opinions, reactions?


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I see their point, and in some ways I agree. However, I have been raising and keeping dogs for decades...

in the 70's Shepherds were frowned upon, as being dangerous, after many many stories of Shepherds that attacked and killed people.

in the 80's it was the Doberman. in the 90's it was the Rottweiler. NOW its the Pit Bull...all became "bad" for the same reasons. they became too popular, so the BYB's pushed them out a mile a minute....

when the popularity died, so did the BYB's income, so they moved on. to the dog of the day, as it were....

there were no less stories of shepherds, rotties and dobies back then then there are now. the difference is in the viciousness of the Pit when mixed with other breeds and then trained to be mean, or treated terribly. that how they become what they are...they dont give up. thats the problem....

I dont believe in banning, because I dont believe in giving the govt any more power over us then they already have. which is too much. you let them do this, and they will ban rotties, dobies, shepherds, any dog the "average american citizen" feels is "dangerous"...sorry, I dont want mini poodles as my dog of choice...

I DO beieve in licensing. for ALL breeders. and strict compliance with the rules of that licensing. if they had to pay licenses depending on "output", the BYB's would quickly be shut down. good breeders dont have more than one ro two litters a year. BYB's crank them out like chocolate..

my opinon

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I agree with many of your points, but I don't see the licensing for all breeding happening any time soon, sadly.

I do not think the pit bull phenomenon is just a repetition of history though. It seems to ba far more widespread and insidious as anything the dog world has ever seen.

I think some more creative solutions are required. I don't know what that is. I know that bans will not work, but turning our heads will not work either.

See my other post; I am sick of it.

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You always have a way of putting things Alan.

I don't support banning. I support restrictions though- for all large breeds. Yes even labradors. Just that neighborhood areas should be required to keep proper care of their animals - -appropriate size leashes -- I guess I more support legal actions and fines.

Off topic, if somebody could answer .. via pm so I don't hijack the thread- I'd really appreciate it.
I want to know something about pitbulls. I was on the akc website earlier and I didn't see that breed on there. Did I just miss it or can someone tell me why they arent on there?

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I was reading about this in the Denver Post here.

It sounds like a pretty unstable family situation where people were moving in and out of the family home, and the boy's grown sister had moved in just shortly before and brought her dogs, which were in the backyard of the house.

Apparently the boy forgot his keys or couldn't get in for some reason so went in the backyard to get in that way, and that was where he was attacked.

In the paper yesterday, it sounded as the DA was not planning to press charges against anyone, since there weren't any charges to be pressed that would hold up.

The biggest thing I see, is that with a dog that could be territorial like a pit, it doesn't seem like it would be a good idea to move it around from house to house to house. Not that it is necessarily good for ANY dog, but just doesn't seem like a good idea at all here. It sounds more like a clueless owner in this case than anything else.

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