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Hi everybody out there,
I see I have up to now 31 views on my subject,how I get to see them,If I ever do is totally beyond me.I am obviously pressing the wrong bits on this computer.All I want is to talk to someone whose dog has had tetanus and survived.Perhaps someone out there can help me?

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[quote name='Mei-Mei']She's confusing 'views' with 'responses.' Just because your topic has been viewed 31 times doesn't mean anyone has responded to it. Understand?[/quote]

Mei-Mei hit it right..... she's confusing the two....
Views mean, that # of people are looking at your post, but not necessarily replying to it....... :wink: If someone replied you would see their reply beneath your post :wink:

She's asking if anyone here has had a dog with Tetnus and had it survive.......

I've never heard of a dog getting tetnus (I'm sure it's happened), they usually get vaccinated for that........am I wrong ??

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