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OMG where were the owners/parents???


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holy you-know-what, Batman.....

I just got back from the grocery store. Its not daylight savings time anymore here, its dark at 5:30....as I was coming back I saw a white ball in the headlights roll into the street. Having had a child, I screamed to a halt immediately and looked around. after the ball came a white fluffy shih-tzu type mix, and a small child...ran right out into the street, in front of my car!!! the little girl was in dark clothing!!! OMG what if I hadnt been a parent, or been drinking, I would have slammed into both of them!!

there were NO adults around anywhere...the girl couldnt have been more than 5...I asked where her mommy was, she said "inside with friends"...
I asked did anyone ever tell her not to chase a ball across the street? she said "I dont care about the ball, I was chasing Carson...HE was chasing the ball...."

why isnt Carson on a leash? never is, she says. he usually stays right out front....

just than Dad, or some male relative came out, and started to yell at her and I just lost it. What the HELL are you doing leaving a small child and a dog outside ALONE after dark? why isnt the dog leashed? WHY IS THIS LITTLE GIRL OUT HERE BY HERSELF??????

he actually backed away...I think I scared him, I was so angry. I then threatened to call the DCFS if I ever saw either of them out here alone after dark again, and promised I would drive by every night just to make sure....he swept her up, called Carson and went inside. I then realized he was Spanish, and may or may not have even understood me. theres a lot of Spanish people here who dont speak English, or dont speak it well...

*sigh* so now what? I realy dont want to call DCFS, maybe this was just a one-off and she snuck outside while they had company....

:o :o :o

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Guest Anonymous

Good driving there Court! I would actually seriously think about calling DCFS just for the child's protection! If her parents don't keep an eye on her the next car could kill her!

HUGS Honey!

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Whilst I agree that the girl should have had the dog leashed (that he stays out the front is not good dog ownership) and that she should have looked before darting out onto the road, it's difficult to determine from one minor event that someone's a bad or neglectful parent. It very well could have been a one-off. There's no way of knowing and if you call child protection they'd probably laugh at you if they're anything like the Victorian equivalent. Not that what you would be doing if you called them would be a bad move at all, it's just that you probably know as well as I do, and obviously better given that it is within your city, that they have far more serious cases than a kid outside her own home with her dog presumably not looking bashed around or dirty or ill, albeit outside when she should have been inside.

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I agree. I was very angry, and still shaking when I got home. what if, as mentioned, I was some kind of child abductor? I dont believe a 5 year old should be out front alone at any time, but especially after dark.

I drove by on the way home tonight, no child or dog, so maybe he took my threat to heart.

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:( We have quite a large population of different ethnicities in our town and usually the parents don't speak good English or any at all....the kids learn really fast !! The parents usually depend on the kids to interpret for them....... :oops:

Good for you Court that you realized when that ball came out that there usually is a kid after...... :wink:
Like others said those people are so lucky their child wasn't killed...... most drivers aren't really paying attention.....
Plus the fact that IF you were a child abductor.......that kid would've been long gone before those parents even realized she was missing........ :(

I'm sure after your venting on him (even if he couldn't understand English, I'm sure he got the gist of it..... :wink: ) hopefully they'll be more consciencious !! :wink:

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