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.....beautiful Meg was born into the world on the 29th October 1996 and little did her breeder know that a star had been born. Meg is and always will be a one in a million dog. From a little ball of black and white fluff who was reluctant to walk on the lead and was very shy compared to her litter mates, to prancing proudly in the Obedience world championships at Crufts. Since I was a little girl watching Crufts on tv, I dreamed that some day I would have a dog and be there and then it really was just a far fetched dream watching the great British obedience competitors like Mary Ray, Pat Watson, Herbie Watson, Lynn Green. Meg turned that dream into reality and I have never felt so proud (and terrified) when I walked into that main ring at Crufts with all the spotlights on us. In a way it still was a dream because it was my ultimate achievment to compete at international championship level and that little dog tried so very hard for me even though she was feeling overwhelmed that day.

For 5 years, Meg took me to Crufts qualifying for Obedience and agility and demonstrating the Kennel club Good citizen dog scheme, canine freestyle/heelwork to music and participating in the Therapy dogs parade. Indeed each year seemed as if we had a busier schedule than the previous year, but the most admirable thing about Meg is that she always would try. Even if we had spent many exhausting days at Crufts and it does drain you, but if we were competing on the last day she would still try her best to please me because that in Meg's life has been a huge centre point. She has always wanted to please me. She took me on a wonderful journey each as special as the last year and for 9 years she has taken me on a learning experience all over the U.K and Ireland that can only be described simply as amazing. She still remains the record holder in all of Ireland, north and south to be the only dog to compete at both Championship agility and Championship obedience level. Our names were on international television, newspapers, magazines and radio and I have lost count of how many rosettes that Meg and I gathered over the years, but I estimate it would be near to a thousand. Quite an achievment for a little dog with a big heart. Even away from the spotlight, Meg was a firm favourite with the children in hospital when she visited them, along with the patients in elderly care units. When her service jacket was put on, she raised herself ever so slightly as if to say "I'm on duty now and I have a job to do".

I have no doubt in my mind that Meg and I would still be partners both in the ring and out of it, but circumstances interfered.

One magazine once quoted me saying "Meg owes me nothing " and that still holds true.

Happy 9th Birthday Meg and I hope so much that you have more happy birthdays to celebrate. I will always love you and like I tell you each time that I see you through the fence; You will always be my dog in a million.





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Happy birthday Meg..... :bday: :bday:

yes, kat, she was one in a million. and she became that way because of your love, your work, your attention and pride in her and all her accomplishments. I am sorry her owner is being such a butt-head....

now you can devote your attentions to your new pup. may never be Meg, in the long run, but from your stories has promise. best of luck

8) :angel:

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