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arrgghhh....opinions please...


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If a "crate" means a sort of enclosed box that's just large enough for them to lie & turn around in, I'm going to jump in and say that IMO, I don't believe that dogs should be crated anymore than 4hrs at a stretch. :oops:

What do they do for entertainment? And if they need to go potty? :-?

It took us a quite a while to train Cosmic to be left home alone reliably. It was a long, drawn-out process that involved us leaving him in a huge playpen (enough space for him to run around in) to start with. Then we'd start leaving the house for short periods, while he was OUT of his playpen. If we came home to any sort of mess & destruction (and YES, that happened frequently enough :roll:), back into the playpen he went. It took blardy long MONTHS for him to get it and start behaving, but the long & short of it is that it DID work.

Now, we leave him uncrated, unpenned all by himself & he's completely reliable. :D That's my 2 cents anyway. :P They CAN be trained to be GOOD at home alone. :lol: It also means that I can leave kong & hidden treats around to keep him entertained while we're gone. Then again, I only have 2 dogs at the very most (Cosmic plus a foster), so I suppose the dynamics (and ability to look for trouble :lol:) are very different.

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AAP, I was just thinking that. I'm on the doo-doo list again, arent I?

they are all up in arms about cropping/docking....I agree with the majority that in a pet, its not necessary. I also think that the Show should take that into consideration as well, since most show dogs dont work the fields or the swamps anymore...

but what about the working dogs? originally it was done to protect the field dogs from mangled and broken tails, and shredded ears and the guarding dogs from being grabbed and held by people or animals...

AAP can back me up. ALL I did was point out the ORIGINAL reasons for doing it, and 8 pages later they are still in a bee-hive buzz about it.

LOLOL...I'm sure I'm about to be called a bad owner again. But, there are a lot of innocents on that board, who really need help with pets, and I cant stomach them being told things blatantly untrue, or twisted by beliefs that dont hold water, like no dogs should ever be outside for any length of time without human intervention...

my mom always said I was a troublemaker, and stood up for the underdog...


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bubblebzzz, it may depend on the breed, but pyrs sleep all day. seriously. which is in their makeup. i leave them a toy and water and the crates are big enough where they can lay on their side or back stretched out if they want. it is better than the alternative, which is 1) a pyr fight or 2) a broken front window or something because they are on guard for a perceived threat.
of course, a more active breed i am not sure what the answer would be.

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