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What is wrong with people???

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I just watched this on the news, I was in tears. They went into more detail on the news but this is enough.
This is the third animal cruelty case this week.

Oct 20, 2005 2:40 pm US/Eastern
Washington, PA (KDKA) A realtor made a horrifying discovery in a vacant Washington home.

Police say the realtor was cleaning out the second floor of a home on Church Street when the remains of a dog that had been brutally killed were discovered.

Police say the dog was tortured.

The male dog was found duct taped and hog-tied with his mouth taped shut.

Veterinarians say the dog suffocated and that he did not die quickly.

The dog apparently belonged to a family who lived nearby.

The dog had been missing since Saturday.

Right now, the Humane Society is setting up a reward to find out who did this horrible crime.

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:o :x :cry:

I bet some future serial killer did it.

I can't wrap my mind around the idea that any sane person
would find pleasure/satisfaction from the suffering of any living

Poor dog..... :cry: :cry: :cry:

I'm reminded of what happened to my nieces poor rabbit years ago that was kept in an outside hutch inside a fenced back yard. She came home from school to find her beloved pet on her back step. It had been skinned and all its appendages had been removed. What a nightmare that was for her. She had trouble sleeping for a long time.

People who torture animals deserve the same treatment, although who would be twisted enough to administer the punishment?

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Thanks guys. She never talks about it even now, but she remains an avid animal lover - has three cats (all former strays) and two dogs (both rescues; one a walker hound and the other a beagle mix) and is fostering another beagle. Needless to say, they are inside dogs and cats and she has a 6 foot wooden privacy fence at her home.

I'm so sorry for that little pup...

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[quote]I'm daily amazed by what humans are capable of. We claim dog breeds are vicious but we should be looking at ourselves instead.[/quote]

Unfortunately, that's so true.

[quote]I bet some future serial killer did it. [/quote]

I would believe that. It's been proven that kids who abuse and torture animals grow up to be serial killers.

Behle, I can't even imagine what your niece went through with that! That poor girl!

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I too agree it was a horrible thing to do. but, if they are investigating it, did they question the owners on their relationship (or lack thereof) with this neighbor? I am leaning towards thinking the owners may know who did it. possibly a dispute over noise, or mess, or whatever....

horrible people......and quite possibly nuts. this guy/girl needs to be rounded up before something else bad happens.

:o :o

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