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What Breed Is My Dog? (More pics.)

Guest dima

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I've added some better pictures of my dog's profile to my previous post. As you can see she looks leaner than most purebred BC's I've seen, and her ears are much bigger and perkier. Thanks to everyone who's weighed in so far...

I've been trying to figure out my dog's breed. I know she's at least part Border Collie, but what else? My best guess is Border Collie/Kelpie mix. But that's just my guess based on pictures I've seen and various online information.

She's very intelligent, very responsive to verbal commands and hand gestures, easily trainable, extremely energetic, and above all, ball-obsessed. She wants to chase the ball nonstop. I've never noticed her exhibiting any traditional herding behavior. She doesn't try to herd or nip, but she loves to run and chase. She prefers people to other dogs, but that's probably because they have all the tennis balls.

She's very thin and lean-- long, spindly legs, very narrow waist, big chest. Some people think she's part whippet, though I highly doubt it.

I've attached a picture. The left is her at 5mo., the right at 1yo. I'd appreciate your best guesses. If anyone needs more info, please let me know. Thanks.



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She looks so much like my Abby! Even more so in the pictures you've added.

Abby is a border collie/akita mix. (My best guess for her at least.) I definitely see some border collie in your girl, but I doubt pure. The shape of her body and her ears make me think some sort of sighthound, but I couldn't say which. All the ones she seems to resemble are quite rare.

Where did you get her?

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Thanks for everyone's input.

I keep hearing the term "working Border Collie." What does that mean, distinct from non-working? Mine would probably like to work, but given her situation if she "works" anything it's the tennis ball.

She doesn't exhibit what would appear to me to be typical inbred herding behavior. She'll chase other dogs or cats occasionally, but not in any herding fashion. She has never nipped at anything. She has never stalked. However, she does sometimes stand and stare at the cat, until it finally moves, then she'll lunge at it, chase it, or follow it around. But aside from that, out at the dog park, she doesn't exhibit those behaviors regularly. I've taken her out to the farm. She didn't react much, if at all, to her first sight of sheep. I'm sure she could be (or have been) taught to herd, but I don't think she exhibits it like some innate preoccupation as I might have expected. Her one absolute obsession is chasing the tennis ball. She'll go to sleep w/it in her mouth.


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