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What the... *with pics*


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.. cuteness?!? :lol: I just went downstairs to see Nikki and Fritz laying together on Fritz's rocking chair. (Yes, it is his). I sat there for awhile watchin em, when all the sudden Fritz started grooming her! :o Its really wierd for him, he's finally opening up to her. Awww... lol. Anywho, So I took some pictures of that..


When next thing I know, Nikki's gone searching for milk! :o :o :o Seems Fritz is her new adoptive Momma Cat... :o :lol: She was nosin around at his tummy and trying to suckle his fur and everything! Well he didnt seem to mind too much, and just went on givin' her a bath. It was seriously the wierdest, funniest thing I've seen in a long time. I called to tell my dad, and he says "Well atleast she got the species right!!" :lol: Her and Carse were getting along the best, until Fritz came along all Momma like! :lol:


And we always thought that Schnickle was the gay one... :lol:

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