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now Gladis, its gonna be a while til mom gets there, so make sure you find someone to clean out those wrinkles daily. feed you the food you like best, play with you and treat you as the elegant queen you are.

oh, thats already provided for? good. make sure they do a good job,cuz if they dont they will have to answer to mom when she gets there. and tell them the answering WONT be pretty if they dont...

RIP Gladis run free. get those wrinkles done daily...

luv you Mouse...


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I'm so sorry you had to make this difficult decision. Poor you, but what a wonderful thing you did for Gladis, loving her enough to go to the Bridge rather than trying to keep her here with you a bit longer.

Gladis, rest peacefully, play freely and wait patiently for those you've left behind. Wear that silver collar with pride.

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