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Oh my dog - Bailey has gained 7 lbs in less than a year!! she is now 37 lbs! :o The vet says she is really healthy and looks great, that most of the weight is probably just "maturing" and filling out since she is almost 2 yrs old, but she was shocked at how much it was and even weighed her 3 times to be sure :lol: She said she can still feel her ribs so doesnt consider her overweight, but to keep an eye on it anyway :roll:
other than that all seems to be good and the vet did comment that she can tell Ive been working with her on her fear and security issues and she seemed to be coming a long way :D (maybe she was jsut "saying it", but it did make me feel good anyway :wink: )
All that being good seems to have wiped her out though cause she came home and crashed!

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When I took Jackie and Maya in to the vet this spring for their spring check and vacinnations, I was shocked to find out that Jackie weighed 90 pounds and Maya weighed 85 pounds (the most for either of them)! Maya now weighs 75 pounds and Jackie is probably around 85 pounds. Everyone in my house is dieting!

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