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Please vote, just curious...

Are you involved in:  

  1. 1. Are you involved in:

    • Rescue
    • Breeding/Showing
    • Breeding/Showing and Rescue
    • None of the above - just love my dog! :D

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Well I put breeding/showing as one in the same thing, otherwise there would have to be more variables (such as breeding without showing, showing without breeding, breeding/rescue without showing...) and it would get too confusing. If you rescue and show or breed just put it down as the showing/breeding/rescue option and you can post a note that you don't breed :wink:

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Voted rescue, of course.

And BTW....I think Tashie has a home for her in Michigan! The people sounds simply lovely! Cross your fingers, guys!

If you haven't seen Tashie yet, go here: [url]http://forum.dogomania.com/viewtopic.php?t=21240&start=0[/url]

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