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Alpha gone BALLISTIC...


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bought rawhide dogs for dogs. only let them have bones when I am here.
no bones when I'm not.

one bone for Free, one for Laurel...Free steals, wants to be top dog. Mom intervenes, tells her to get OVER herself..usually works.

NOT TONIGHT... mom had to step in and take ALL bones away cuz Free was being a BITCH..

Laurel was feeling very intimidated...Free is IN THE DOGHOUSE....

*sigh* sometimes, they're worse than children...

:o :o :o :o :o

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Kira will normally give in to Indy with everything. She doesn’t with bones though, she’ll growl and he will back off.

She always keeps a close eye on his too. She will never dare to try to take if off him as she knows he’ll give her a flogging, but if he moves away from it even for a second she will sneak in and take it.

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Courtnek, what are their ages? Free doesn't look very old but I wonder if she is slowing down some and feeling her position somewhat threatened by Laurel.

I'm starting to see a little bit of this at my house, though my girls only live with the heirarchy that I set for them (China gets her leash on first, gets a treat first, gets brushed first etc...). Otherwise they don't practice any heirarchy between each other. All the same Zoey is now starting to dominate their playing sessions and generally being more assertive toward China, and China in return shoves back a little harder (though this is slowly becoming less common). At some point I'm probably going to decide to 'promote' Zoey, though I don't think that sounds like a solution in your case.

Maybe if Free is feeling insecure of her rank the best thing might be to reaffirm her rank?

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they're the same age, they're both 8. except in the bone department, they have no problems. this is their only issue.

well, no, now I just thought of something...you may have solved my whole problem...

I MAKE Laurel sleep in my room at night, because sometimes she has accidents in the house if I dont. when she's in my room, if has to go she will wake me up. If not, she will pee on the throw rug in the living room...

I wonder if Free is feeling left out? she usually doesnt want to sleep in there, since its a small room and she'd rather stretch out, soI think I'll try rearraning the bedding in there (and remove some of the unnecessary junk) so they can both sleep in there without having to be too close.Free is a claustrophobiac (I know, I didnt believe it either)and doesnt like anything or anyone to be too close to her. she feels closed in....

thanks Canis....

:angel: :angel:

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You bet, though all I did was just help you find a direction to look in. I've thought about it before, and it's amazing how many times we, as the owner, inadvertantly can throw off the heirarchy balace by the simplest little things that we normally don't think about. Anyway, I hope you're on the right track and can get the peace back.

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