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If you are attacked by a dog> What would you do?

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I think everyone agrees that drastic situations require a drastic responce, meaning shoot the dog to save your life. However, I think a lot of people have no clue when a dog is being agressive and when it is not and exactly how to avoide being bitten or worst case, how to handle yourself in an attack.

I have a recordng of a news article where animal control was called in for a Pit Bull who had two sheriffs pinned down in a car. It was a young dog just wanting to be petted! They were simply scared because it was a Pit Bull and obviously they didnt know how to recognize an agressive dog. I used Pit Bull in this question because I have one and they are the breed most feared by the public. THat being said, here are the questions.

How do you recognize an agressive dog?
How do you avoid being bitten by an agressive dog?
If you are attacked by an agressive dog, how do you defend yourself or how can you minimize the damages done o yourself?
If it is a pack of dogs, should you put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye or do you have a chance?
Lastly, what are things that people do that provoke an attack or make it worse?

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all dogs give off signals of their intent. remember, they live by pack rules. in MY opinion, its up to US to learn those signals. they cant yell "hey, I hate you and am going to bite" WE need to do the legwork.

a dog that approaches you with a strong straight tail, ears forward, lips slightly curled, is a problem child. this dog is asking for a fight. maybe it feels threatened by you, or maybe its top dog in its own mind, and you have inadvertently broken a rule...turn away. do NOT stare it in the face, do not even look at it. if possible, move yourself and your dog inside. if not possible, avoid looking at it, make no fast movements, move away.

a dog that approaches with tail wagging, but ears forward and looking sure of itself, may want to play, but could turn. again, turn away. walk away. make yourself LESS dominant. let him have his way.

a dog with ducked tail, ears back and growling is scared, and could be a fear biter. again, turn tail and walk away.

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Court, with that being said. Today I took Patti to the vet I saw a muzzled Pitt come in.The moment he saw Patti she wagged her numb and his tail ducked, ears went back and he lowered his head. The owner said his scared of her. Can I asume he is probally a fear biter? I know that muzzling is not required in MA. He actually went inbetween the owners legs.

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my guess would be yes, a fear biter, and the owner is aware of it. however, a muzzle is not the answer. socialization is, but sometimes hard to do with Pits because of their breed history. this owner appears to be trying to be responsible, by avoiding an incident, but when muzzled, dogs know they have no defense and will quite often take on a fearful mode...

I was talking about loose dogs without muzzles. we need to lear to read them, for our own safety.

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You know the ones that scare me, (and I have met a few of these) are the dogs that look totaly aprochable. They let you walk up to them, they let you pet them, most of them would let you take food right out of their mouth but when you walk away, they grab your legs with their front feet and pull you back in and take a chunk out of your leg. I have no idea why other than I guess they dont want to be alone?

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I recognize an aggressive dog when he/she comes up to me and or my animals and starts growling with ears forward and tail tucked. I've never been in that situation but I'd probably stand still or back away slowly.
If I'm attacked or know I'm about to I'd back away slowly and I think a better way to cause less damage to you and your dogs or animals is to slowly walk away and have your animals move away slowly to.
I don't know probably would curl up on the ground if it was more that one dog. I think they provoke it when they taunt the dog with things such as sticks by jabbing them and when they get attacked the 1st thing in mind is to run away fast instead of slowly.

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Guest Anonymous

One of my best friends had a dog wanting to attack and I'll tell you his
story with some background. My friend was a fix it man for an apartment
complex. One apartment he did work on fairly often was a guy with a pit
bull. Everytime he went to the door, the owner inside would razz up the
dog. You know,go get him and stuff like that. Then leash the dog in the
kitchen and then let my friend into do the work.

One day, my friend and this guy and his pit bull were all outside, but not
together. That dog saw my friend, got mean and made a dash for him.
My friend squatted to be as tall as the dog. Made fists, bent his arms as
the elbows and put his arms up and out to make himself look as big as
possible. That dog charged until he came fairly close. Stopped, turned
around and went back to his owner.

Friend said after that the guy who owned that dog treated him very
differently. I'm sure he did! So, that is what my friend did.

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I have heard it said, if you cant fight the dog off, to offer it your weak arm. It does make since to have a part of you chewed up that you dont se as much rather that being chewed every where. Some dogs also know basic commands. It may work if you yell NO or SIT or STAY!

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some dogs do what was being asked about. they are fine with people coming towards them, but leaving is an issue. I have heard this trait about herders in particular. I had a malamute/BC mix like that. Jarvis would let you in the house, and then not let you leave....

he trapped a poor repairman in my town house (guy had the wrong address on the workorder) and he was fortunate I came home for lunch. he had the repairman backed into a corner and wouldnt let hom move, or sit down...he had been standing there for two hours.....

the guy told me he let him come in just fine. he went to what was supposed to be broken, found it wasnt, and Jarv wouldnt let him leave...


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