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If you were going to choose a breed different than what you

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I would get an Irish Wolfhound. I have always loved them. One day we'll have one.

My true dream breed that I NEVER thought I would own was a Chinese Crested. And look....I have TWO now! And I am also Coordinator for 4 states for the National rescue group. Can it get any better??


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Since i have two great danes and my bull terrier... i never want to be without one... i know i will always have a dane and a bully... they are great dogs...
But as for a breed i want. a Chinese Crested hairless. Im actually looking into the breed and will be looking to get one with in the next year or so...
I also love english bulldogs, but never would be able to own one...
another dog i might consider would be either an afghan hound or an airdale... but im not big on the whole grooming issue... i'll stick to my short haired dogs...


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Guest Anonymous

Well I already have Saints and an English Bulldog. I want to have at least one of each of those breeds for the rest of my life. I mean how could I live without all the drool and hair? :lol: But other breeds I want to own would be:

Great Dane
English Mastiff
Bernese Mountain Dog

Can ya tell I like big dogs? :lol:

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Great dane
Bull Terrier
Saint Bernard
English Mastiff
Bull Mastiff
French Mastiff
Olde English Bulldog
Alaskam Malamute
Giant Schnauzer
Boston Terrier
Pekingnese..i'd love one if they didnt have so many health problems :cry:
Staffy Bull
American Bulldog
Border Collie..really want one to do agility and frisbee with :D
Australian Shepherd...same as with a BC..agility and frisbee

the list goes on.. :lol:

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:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
No one wants an Akita (lol, except mutts4me, hehehe.)
Let's see, breeds I would like to own:
Boxer (I loooooove Boxers, esp. brindle ones)
Anatolian Shep.
Bernese Mountain Dog
Dogo Argentina
And finally, I would love a little black Pom :)

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Umm so many to choose from,,, My spelling is bad so please pardon me...
Neo Mastif
Great Dame
Cane Corso
Preso Canerio
Bull Dog
I wish I could have all the breeds in the world,,,,,,,,,,,,
The list goes on and on and on.........

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I have so many. The list goes on and on, it never stops. It's like "This is the song that [i][b]never[/b][/i] ends..."

My dream dog is an Australian Shepherd -- as many of you know. A red merle to be precise. I'm hoping that'll be my next bundle of joy! Also:

Border Collie
Rough Collie
Flat-coated Retriever
Curly-coated Retriever
Nova Scotia Duck tolling Retriever
English Setter
Shetland Sheepdog
English Springer Spaniel
English Cocker Spaniel
Cardigan/Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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APBT - purebred, since I already have a mixie
Belgian Malinois, fantastic working dogs
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever
Papillon, when I'm old and can't walk a large dog I want one, only small dog I would ever want to own.
Patterdale terrier, like mini pit bulls, so cute.
Australian Kelpie
Doberman, just plain beautiful and good working dogs
Anatolian shepherd, my aunt has one, I love that dog! Even though she's not so fond of me, since I'm a stranger. :lol:

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[quote name='rotten_two']didn't realize there were so many berner aficionados here :)

here's a shot of aspen with his berner buddies chase and promise!


OMD! They're so beautiful! Thanks, now I have to wipe the drool off my keyboard!

After seeing Webster's pictures on the Pictures thread, I remembered that a Flat Coated Retriever would be another breed that I would like to have.

But Berners are da bomb!

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[quote name='Mei-Mei']I'm surprised at the number of people who wish they had a Great Dane. They are great dogs it's true, but mine is [i][b]awful[/b][/i] dumb! :lol: :lol:[/quote]

You never want your dog to be too smart! Then they can figure out how to get out of doing things! LOL

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A [i]Sledgerunners[/i] malamute or 4, preferably from Nadine's line.
A mix of any of the following or a purebred - from rescue
A smooth coated Border Collie - is that cheating
A landseeer Newf or regular Newf
GSD - peferably black and silver sable and NO slopey backend
Bernese Mountain Dog
Saint Bernard
Irish Wolfhound
Nova Scotia Duck Toller
Flat Coated Ret.
Golden Ret.
many spaniel types
Border Terrier
standerd poodle

Probably lots more I like too.

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