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Bichon and allergies

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Good afternoon!

I am very allergic to dogs, but I grew up with a beagle-pointer mutt, and have always been a dog lover. Now that we are moving into a bigger apartment with a yard, my husband and I are thinking about getting a bichon from bichon rescue.

I know from being a round a variety of dogs that bichons are less irritating to my allergies than most. My question is, where should my husband and I sleep?

The options are 1. in the bedroom, which is on the first floor, but has a door that we could keep shut all day; or 2. the loft, which is (of course) a separate level from where the dog would hang out, but it open air (no door).

Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated. Also, I hope I posted this in the correct forum--I'm new.

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I think ameline is talking about how much the hair etc will travel and what would probably effect her allergies the least.

I.E. the bedroom is on the same floor that the dog will occupy - however there is a door that can be closed. The loft is on a separate level but there is no door to enclose the room.

I think the question is which of these two options is best her allergies.

I don't think it would make that much differnece, to tell the truth.

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actually most allergies are related to dander from the natural process of the skin sloughing off and renewing as opposed to the dogs fur so you might want to bear that in mind. I was with a lady last week who had just got a rescue bichon from someone because they were under the illusion that their daughter wouldn't be allergic with a non casting dog. They were proved wrong but thankfully this lady has given the wee dog a good home.

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