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Hi everyone,wanna hear something that makes me soooo mad?!
Well,last year I was looking for a showdog german shepherd puppy when I came across a flyer:
AKC German Shepard puppies
Black & brown
$800 ea.
call ###-####

I called the people & when to see these German "ShepARD puppies"
These dogs were kept in cages!!! There were 7 females and 1 male.He said he bred for the "color." He said the more tan the better the dog!Most of his dogs were shy or agressive,or both!!! I was shocked at his poor knowledge of the breed.His dogs had a very very very steeply sloping backline!(The back legs were half the size of the front!!)I only got to see the dogs through the cage,he wouldn't take them out!The thing is, many people buy his german shepherds to breed!!!

When I was leaving I told him that he needed to get his dogs fixed and learn more about the breed standard.Also I told him that there is no such thing as a ShepARD,(it's ShepHERD-bcuz they Herd!!duh!)
Then I told him that there is also no such thing as a black/brown german shepherd...it's black/tan!He told me to get a life bcuz he bred german sheps for a long time!!ERRR, this makes me sooooo mad!!Freakin BYB!!! :evil:

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