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[color=darkred]For those of you who remember Penny, our Border Collie/Springer, well she's ill :( While i was in the garden with the dogs, i noticed Penny's wee had blood in it and she hasn't been her usual self jumping around playing, its unlike her :( so we are going to see the vet.
Penny's sides feel quite hard as well, she as also been drinking a lot of water :cry: i know this can indicate kidney failure....hope to god its not :cry::cry::cry: and its just an infection :cry::cry:

Please pray for my little girl[/color] :( :(

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[color=darkred]Back from the vet with Penny. The vet took a sample of her urine but can't say what the problem is at this stage :-? and are saying it could be an infection of the kidneys :( or gall stones :cry: but we won't know till later on.
Because she as been drinking loads of water her belly is quite full so the vet can't get to feel her stomach yet.......we were told that if she gets any worse today, to bring her back tomorrow, she as got to go back end of the week.
We were given some antibiotics for her and she as had 2 injections. When he squeezed her sides it was quite painful :( :(

He told us to rest her but she is still the same as yesterday, no go in Penny at all[/color] :( :(

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[color=darkred]Hi and thanks everyone for your kind thoughts.

Penny seems a bit brighter :) the antibiotics must have kicked in.
She hasn't eaten much today :-? so Im keeping an eye on that.

Has been playing ball with Emma but still not herself running around, although she isn't supposed to.
Her playing at the moment is tapping the ball with her paw.[/color]

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[color=darkred]K, she's just had some chicken and rice......eaten the lot :D
Im not happy about her wee wee though, its still bloody :(

Nadooshkinz, we got to take her back up the vets on Monday, he should know then hopefully, Oh and its not friday girls, (got the days mix up)[/color] :roll:

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