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is this a seizure???? HELP!!!! :(

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My poor Casey. I dont know what happened to him. I think it was a seizure. We went for a walk, like we usually do, and on our way back he dropped to the ground and started jerking and his legs were stiff. This only lasted about 10 or so seconds. He got up and was still doing it for about 3 seconds when he jumped back and looked at me like--What the heck was that?! He acted like nothing happened. I almost called 911--stupid me :roll: Like they would do anything. I have never seen a seizure, so im sure many of you have. Here is a little history on Casey.
He is a Border Collie, 6 years old-will be 7 in July. He is not neutered. He is used to exercise. It was pretty warm today, in the 80s. He has never had any other problems, except sometimes he used to burp a lot and act like he had heartburn, but that was checked out and the vet said he was fine, just to switch food. He was not responsive at all during this time. I tried talking to him and felt so helpless. He is my baby. Yes i have 3 other dogs, but Casey is the love of my life. I know i need to call the vet, just want to hear your opinions also. Thanks.

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Guest Anonymous

it sounds like it could be seizure--it is good though that it only lasted 10 seconds or so.

call the vet.

also, if it happens again before you can get ahold of the vet, this is what you do...kneel on the ground, sitting back on your feet and hold her head in your lap. dont let her hit her head. otherwise, let her sieze. DO NOT put anything in her mouth, you are more likely to lose a finger or cause her harm trying to mess with her tongue.

i would also limit her movement around the house (dont let her go up/down stairs). most seizure disorders are easily treated, but you dont want her to fall down the stairs and hurt herself more.

let us know what the vet says!


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Guest Anonymous

Definatly sounds like one. My brother is mental handicap and has them a lot. Some short, some long. But yeah, Do not try to stop it, just let it happen, and try your best from letting her hit herself on anything. I've had two seizure before, once was in line at subway, and I fell backwards hitting a tiled wall. Man did that hurt like crazy afterwards. And the second time I was sitting on the pot, and I felt like I was about to pass out, so I called my best friend over (we're also room-mates, so we don't care about seeing each other), and she caught me from falling over into the bathtub. That one didn't bother me so much, i finished my business and she helped me to the bed and I felt better after a nap. But hitting your head on a tile wall can give you a major headache, and even for a dog being 2-3 ft tall, a hard fall can sure hurt. And since you literaly black out, you have no control over how you fall or what you fall into.
For the good news, there are medications that can help prevent the seizures. Although, make sure there's not an underlying problem that's causing the seizures.

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Sure sounds like it could have been a seizure. I wouldn't panic too much just yet. Seizures are weird things. They can sometimes be isolated incidents, happening once and then never again. There are so many things that can cause them, too.

It wouldn't hurt to give the vet a call. In the meantime, document any out of the ordinary behaviors or "episodes." Keep a calendar or diary of exactly when it happens and how long it lasts and try to think of any consistencies... time of day, close to mealtimes, empty stomach, full stomach, prior activities, just any consistencies you can think of. Some dogs are hypoglycemic and can have seizures if they don't eat frequently enough. You don't have to become super paranoid... just be aware of any unusual activity or behavior... staring into space, head bobbing, being "out of it."

From what I understand, most vets won't begin meds for seizures unless it becomes a recurring thing. For a single seizure, or very isolated ones, I believe they prefer to just leave well enough alone since the meds can really take a toll on the body over a period of time.

If it does happen again, about all you can do is try to keep him from hurting himself. Don't forget to try to remember when it happens or how long it lasts.

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Thanks for the advice!
[quote]dont let her go up/down stairs[/quote]
we live upstairs, so i have no choice with that. We also live in the country on a hill with a river down the hill. Im worried that he may have a seizure by the river and fall in and be swept away. I will always keep a close eye on him and the other eye on my other 3 dogs!

He usually eats in the morning, so he probably had some food in his stomach before the walk. I know he was thirsty, being a very very warm day and a long walk. It was about 30 degrees above normal.
He seems his usual self today. I did not walk him today even though its in the 50s.
Waiting for the vet to call back. Will let you know what he says.
thanks again.

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It certainly sounds like a seizure and order collies are very susceptible to suffering from epilepsy, especially merles and reds. You would be best to let your vet check him over just in case its anything more serious but it could just be an isolated incident that may never happen again, just like DO and HF said. Neutering will reduce the hormone levels in his body and may help to be a line of defence in preventing further seizures. Chemical messenger (neurotransmitter) imbalances are responsible for seizures and if the homonal levels are at a steadier level this may help.

Good luck and hopefully the vet will have good news for Casey :wink:

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