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Mini Shelties?


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OK so there seems to be an influx of "Mini Shelties" in my area. What is with this? I mean, it seems to me that a Sheltie is a small rough Collie. And if a Shelite is too big for you - shouldn't you be getting a [email protected] or something?
Are these a real breed or is someone breeding mutantly small Shelties hoping to create some new health defects?

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Shelties are a different breed, that originated from the shetland islands.

My sheltie, Aztec is 16 inches tall and 20 pounds, but he has a littermate (female) that is 8-9inches and ten pounds. You could probably consider her a "mini" sheltie. She does have smaller features. Some people are just out to find new things.

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Maybe they are trying to get closer to the oriiginal shelties which came from the UK and are up to 14 inches for bitches and up to up to 14 & 1/2 inches for dogs
Oh and yes a collie was crossed with the original sheltie to help set the type many many years ago.
Ickle (sheltie breeder in UK )

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[quote name='ObedienceGrrl']
But if they are much smaller than that....then I don't know what to tell ya!


Shelties start to be famous at agility, for do that quickly I see some people selecting "mini" shelties, little than a normal sheltie and with less bone for be more light.
I already find puppy mills sold "mini" sheltie as pet, using these bad selected agility shelties for sold with high price as toy compagnie dog.

So, two things make appear the "mini" sheltie, all start with one wrong selection for the agility that call the atention of the marketing and we can find now this out standard sheltie for sold.

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There is NO SUCH thing as a mini sheltie, the sheltie according to the breed standard is 13 to 16 inches tall. What these people are doing is taking the smaller shelties and breeding them, until they get smaller and smaller. It is horrible in my opinion. I have a male sheltie that weighs 10 pounds and 13 inches tall, but he is not one of my breeding stock, he is not the standard.

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