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Soooo kids. I need your help. :D

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I am making a rescue site for my web design class in hopes that it will be a project that I will be interested in doing.. but I need good clear pictures of dogs, the site will not be published to the web, only my teacher and myself will see the pictures, if you wouldn't mind me using pictures of your fur babies could you post them here or give me links to places that would have pictures I could use. :D I would be oh so happy. ;o

Thanks. ^-^

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Guest Mutts4Me

Sasha is a mutt from the pound


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I adopted all three of my wonderful dogs from the same rescue shelter.

This is Jackie (who was rescued from the pound). She's a 4-1/2 year old Golden Retriever/German Shepherd/Collie mix (we think) who I adopted when she was 1-1/2.

This is Maya, who was an owner-surrender. She is a 4 year-old Golden Retriever/Husky mix who I adopted when she was 1-1/2.

This is Pooh Bear, who I adopted this past Sunday. He's a 14 month-old Australian Shepherd mix.

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Here is a pic of my lead dog Bug- Since very few people can guess what breed she is, I guess she could pass as a "pound pup". (She's an Alaskan Husky)

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WEE! Thank you guys soooo much, keep them comming, and for those who owe picture updates this will give you some modivation ;D... I know I am behind, I havn't taken pictures of my muttly crew in a longggg time.

Oi! These are wonderful.. look at all those cute furry faces. =D Beautiful.

Thanks again!

Luckers: Hehe. Yeah, I like to poke my head in every now and then.. you know me I'm lazy. ;D

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Icy, nice to see you again! :D Okay, here are some pictures of my Golden, Rowie.

(Don't let that face fool you!)
Looking pretty!
Her happy self.

This is a picture of Heidi, a Saluki mix I was going to adopt in December. You can use the pic if you want, since she's in a cage and looks oh-so-innocent (look at those ears!). She's gone to the UK now!

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