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This is getting ridiculous, help please!

Lucky Chaos

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Okay I don't like doing this but I need your guys help. This person wants to breed their mutts on another forum. There's people not only supporting them but giving the person horrible advice. Like waiting too long to breed (over two) causes too many hormones in the bitch which leads to more problems. So we end up with a BYB breeding a dog way too young! She refuses to listen to me or other others, maybe if we get a few more opinions? It would be great if you gusy could help, usually its a good forum that dosn't support bad breeding but no one else seems to be helping this time around. :x

[url]http://www.petshub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33357&page=1&pp=15[/url] Link to the thread, thanks guys!

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Its the same scenario on agilitynet forum. The parents of a 10 year old kid want to breed their cross bred bichon because the bitch won scruffts which is a competition held for cross breed dogs. I read it a few weeks ago and just went :roll:

[quote]Item: Cream Fluffy Mini Girl Looking for Fast Mini Boy
Description: Looking for cute, fast stud dog (under 15in) for Bichon Frize X BC bitch. Buffy is an extremely pretty girl who won Scruffts champion, and qualified for three YKC agility comps at Crufts.
Price :Stud fee or pick of litter
Contact Name: Penny Butler
Phone: 01933-382595
Email: [email][email protected][/email]
Location: East Midlands/Northamptonshire (08 March 2005)


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[quote name='Mei-Mei']I read through the thread and it seems as though a lot of people are encouraging her [b]NOT[/b] to breed, and one persistent asshole keeps arguing that she should breed. :roll:[/quote]

There is a couple, but its not really doing any good. The more people who voice opinions, the better. The people are me, one is a person I asked to check it out (Phez) and one other. So so REALLY many. :wink:

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