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Got Haley's biopsy results back


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There's good news, but a question mark as well. The biopsy came out clear. BUT the lab (I guess) said the vet may want to take a deeper sample and try again to be sure. The vet wanted to take as small a sample as possible considering that Hale bears so much weight on that leg, but I guess they prefer a larger, deeper sample to test. The vet (who I've known since I was about 8 yrs old, and know to be a decent vet) says she wants to put Hale on anti-inflammatories (we've also considered that it may-hopefully- only be an injury, in which case these should help), and wait a few weeks after she gets her stitches out from this biopsy, then x-ray again and see if the area is decreasing in size. If not, we may have to have another biopsy taken. I'm worried that if it is cancer, this time of waiting will only give it time to spread (though if it is, it'd only be a matter of time anyway, so I guess it's not that big of a deal), but my mom says the vet seems to doubt that it is now, so hopefully she's right. So, we have good news, and more waiting, I'll be gray haired and ulcer ridden by the time we get to the bottom of this.

Haley, BTW, is feeling much better. She's on pain meds (I think it's a pretty low dose) because her leg seemed to be bothering her a lot the first night, but even since, she's become more mobile, though not up to her normal speed yet. I've had to yell at her about a dozen times in the past 2 days for tackling Goo, always a good sign :lol:

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Glad to hear your good news too Mei Mei, hopefully things'll stay on track for both you and Hale :)

She seems pretty much back to normal as far as activity now. Still haven't taken her on any walks, but she gets up and down the steps, and on and off the furniture fine, plus she's started up with her hallway zoomies again (this is where she does zoomies, grabbing the backs of Goo's legs everytime she gets back to the dining room before zooming down the hall and back again :roll: ). There's still a bump of swelling around the stitches, but she's on antibiotics, and there's no sign of infection, so it seems to be normal. So, hopefully we'll see more progress, and get good news in a few weeks.

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