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I'm peeved...


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Meg is on the Crufts world cup Obedience team as a reserve this year. She didn't go to the trials but still Michael the team manager wants her on because she is a stable dog and will hold the team up well in case of disaster. This year my name isn't under Meg's name however.... the guy who transferred her name to his name is.

What really annoys me is that after me putting in 8 years of hard hard work training Meg to Championship status, how does that give him the right to just waltz in and have his name with Megs :evil: He has 2 dogs of his own so why the heck can he not train them and stop stealing the glory from someone elses hard work. :evil:

Check it out for yourselves... [url]http://www.obedienceuk.com[/url] then go to Crufts 2005 and scroll down to N.Ireland team

I'm just so annoyed right now...

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only getting to reply to this now! Yes he forged my signature on the transfer papers. I didn't sign any papers at all so technically it could be a legal case. I'm going back to n.Ireland on tuesday and am going to try get this thing sorted out to see if I'm going to Crufts or not because i know that she wont work with him in a normal situation. Last year when we entered the main ring at Crufts the seats were packed to capacity. Meg in her doggy mind was nervous and looked to me for reassurance. i saw the thousands of people and knowing that it was going out live also basicaly "sh*t a brick! I was terrified but we had a quick cuddle and we reassured each other. There is no way on this earth that she would work under that pressure with him.

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