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Christmas agility games


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Does anyone know any good agility party games other than the ones I have below? Next week were having a christmas party at the dog school for the agility people with games but the games have to incorporate agility equipment. :wink:

My ideas:

-team relays
-fastest weaves
-retrieve tennis ball (s) over hurdle
-owner and dog agility
-circular knockout
-doggy biscuit and spoon weave
-3 legged race with 2 dogs
-tunnel relay

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Some years ago, Jesse and I participated in a game, sending to the tunnel. There were two tunnels, side by side but not terribly close together. We started fairly close and had to send our dog through the curved tunnel. The handler had to stay behind a line. The line kept getting moved back as dogs successfully went through the tunnel. For each round, the dog that went through the tunnel and returned to his or her handler the quickest moved to the next round. It was a lot of fun and we got to practice those distance handling skills.
You could set up a gamble, dog has to take 3-4 obstacles while the handler stays behind a line. Handlers could chose novice, open, or excellent level, the line is closer to the obstacles for novice dogs and farthest for excellent. Handler can run parallel to the dog but cannot cross the line. Good choices for obstacles in a gamble are tunnels, jumps, aframe and table. Candy and I ran a gamble once where as she blasted out of the tunnel, I had to 'push' her out and up for the aframe then 'pull' her towards me for the final two jumps.
Another game I've heard of but not played, is no hands agility. Handlers had to tuck their arms and hands inside a shirt or coat and negotiate a course with their dog.
Of course there is also mute agility, either NO speaking by the handler at all or the handler may chose just one word to use around the entire course. Could be the dogs name or any other single word. The handler can say that one word as often as they want but no others.
If you have multiple sets of weave poles, you can set up your very own weave pole challenge. It's amazing how dogs that normally take an easy pace through the weaves get into a rhythm and pick up speed when there are say 30 poles.

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