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Guess my mix.


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I came here many months ago traing to find out my dog's breed or mix.
My dog came from a shelter and they had no idea of what he was and because he was baby it was even harder.

Back then, I heard from you many possibities, but as he as change so much...

I would like to hear your opinions again... But this time you could call it a game as I think I know is breed (not pure but very close to it).
... a remember... most of you said this dog was a german shepard mix :lol:





I will had that he's 40 pounds and 56 centimeters (22 inches).

Well, tell me what you think.


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[quote name='between the wrinkles']Catalan Sheepdog? that's a pretty rare breed. i wouldnt put money to it that that is what it is, i still say SCWT. but, as has been said before!!! HE IS DARLING!! :D[/quote]

If you had put your money on the Catalan Sheepdog you would have won.

In Catalan the name is Gos d'Atura Catala. And yes It's a rare spanish breed... but did I mencioned I was in Portugal... just across the border with Spain?

This is the full picture of the pure breed, that I took from the internet. He's a little diferente from the dogs that are on this site breeds list, but he was the cover from spanish magazine dedicated to the breed, and because of that I think he must be a good exemple of the breed.


The standart for the breed can be found here:


Well what do you think?
Snoopy is waiting :D

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Guest Mutts4Me

HI Guida, Snoopy has gotten big!! I wanted to see some puppy pictures of him as a reminder, so I looked up your old posts




but all the puppy pictures are gone. It looks like you thought it was the same breed in April though. I would've thought it was a Briard mix, too (that was my immediate guess). Many you could get in contact with some of the sheepdog breeders and see what they think?

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Actualy I'm already participating of a Gos d'Atura Catala forum (in spanish), they have seen many pictures of my Snoopy and they think that he's an almost pure Gos. And some of the members do some breeding (not professionaly, it's funny because the owners of the new pups are becaming members of the forum to).

You can see here the forum photo albums of the forum members.



And here some of Snoopy's baby pictures:
2,5 months
3,5 months
4,5 months

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