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Are Innova & California Naturals really the best dog foo

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Innova is going well except I may have to reduce Zaphod's portions a bit. He has been on straight Innova for a week and was on increasing ratios of it for over a week before that. He is starting to get "padded." I can just barely make out his waist from above and his tuck is starting to disappear too. He is 23 inches to the shoulder, medium boned and currently up to 67lbs. He is picking up weight fast enough that its noticable so I'll nip it in the bud now. Too bad though, I confess to liking him looking a padded, more teddy bear like.

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My puppy is just getting over HGE, a very terrible syndrome about which the cause is unknown. She is fine now, but the Innova I was feeding her could no longer be tolerated by her, nor could her original Nutro Ultra............worst of all is that her system is doing very well on Iams low residue diet, which is basically crap. However, her 6 pounds, 1/2 pound of which she lost when sick, cannot afford more weight loss. The vet intimated that her sensitive digestive system (I've tried switching to better food X2 now with bad results) may only tolerate this junky food (my words, not the vet.

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