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Does my dog have an allergy?

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Guest Anonymous

My 9 yr old Yorkie/Fox Terr/Poodle mix has always had a small pimple like rash along her back. They don't enlarge or seem to cause her any distress. Also, her coat gets quite oily and I need to bathe her fairly often. The vet says it is probably an allergy. Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas of treatment for me. She has such pretty blonde hair and I hate to see it get so oily and messy looking so soon after a bath. I have no idea where to begin. :(

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a good place to begin looking into things is what you are feeding her. not all dogs tolerate the same foods and it could be as simple as removing an irritant or two and working on supporting the immune system.

what food(s) do you currently feed her? what snacks and treats? other things?

do you notice a change in her skin and coat problems throughout the year?

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