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In every country in the world, except for the US (or AKC) the breed variations are separated into 3 categories.

The Belgian Groenendael (the long coated Black Variety or Sheepdog)
The Belgian Tervuren (the long coated Red/Black, Fawn Black, Mahogany/Black)
The Belgian Malinois (the short coated variety coming in either red, fawn or mahogany)

The AKC does not recognize the Belgian Laekenois (the wire coated variety with the same markings).

Worldwide, all varieties are known as the Belgian Shepherd Dog except here in the US.

Kira is a Belgian Sheepdog bred in Finland, but in her 7th generation has a Belgian Tervuren in her pedigree. This dog is Grimm van de Hoge Laer.

Jack is a UKC registered Belgian Shepherd dog, as his Father was a Belgian Tervuren and his mother is a Belgian Sheepdog. Therefore, he could not be registered with the AKC but only the UKC. Jack also has Grimm van de Hoge Laer in his pedigree, 5 generations back.

Until 1958, all Belgian, irregardless of variety (coat & color) were all considered one breed until a group of very zealous Black Dog owners lobbied the AKC and had the variations included in the standard. They changed the standard for each dog (minimally to justify the separating of the coat variations).

I hope to be able to post pictures tomorrow. All the pups are thriving and I think I have 2 red Terlettes and 3 Fawn Terlettes.

I'll post a picture of Grimm, a great ancestor of these puppies.

OK, so now is this as clear as mud :oops: :D :roll:

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Can I be a pain in the buttocks and ask another question? :D I like being educated! Ok so here in UK we have 3 (sometimes 4 with the Laekenois) classes for each of the BSD's. In the US are they all lumped into one group and shown in the same classes as each other? i.e- tervs, groens, mals in one breed class against each other ?

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No, if I understand the question (I don't show, but attend and help show clubs). The Belgians are all classified as a herding breed.

So in the Group Pull in AKC, you will have The Belgian Groenendael, The Belgian Tervuren and The Belgian Malinois. They compete against each other along with all the other classified herding breeds.

To get to Group, they need to win their Breed.

So you will have a group of Malinois competing for Best of Breed, a group of Groenendaels competing and Tervs doing the same. Then the winner of those breeds would go to the group.

Clear as mud now? :P

The Laekenois is not recognized by the AKC so they do not compete in AKC events.

In Canada, they compete as one breed ........ Groenendals, Tervs, Mals and Laekens all competing for Best of Breed then that winner going to the group. The Laekens are recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club.

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Kira, the mother and Matriarch of the Group.


The Happy Mom & Babies

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Guest Anonymous

wow beautfiul dogs Judy!! i never knew there were so many varieites of the breed!! my freind has a Black one ( i think you know her.. Estuko?? she's got chinook the mini aussie and Cuan )
such beautiful dogs!

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Beautiful puppies!
I was surprised to learn that the black coloration in one of my Alaskan lines was from a musher who ran Groenedaels- This is what they look like now after 25 years of being mixed up with Alaskans:


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Congratulations on your cute litter! Not sure if you are thinking about selling any of your puppies, but wanted to let you know that MyPetFinder.com allowys anyone to advertise to sell their puppies on our website for free. Check it out at [URL="http://www.mypetfinder.com/"]www.mypetfinder.com[/URL]

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