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Stupid question about female dogs

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This is probably a real stupid question, but before I got Jackie and Maya I had always had male dogs.

Anyway, do female dogs have nipples if they haven't given birth? Jackie has pronounced pronounced nipples but Maya doesn't. Do Jackie's nipples mean that she gave birth? She was 1-1/2 when I got her, so she would have been a young mom.

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Seij there is no sure way to tell but if the bitch has nipples that are enlarged and lax and if she has a slightly clamped in look towards her back with a fuller looking abdomen, then chances are she has had puppies. You can also sometimes tell by feeling their pelvic region but again it takes someone who has a bit of knowledge.

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now that concerns me. Laurel wasnt spayed until she was 6, and had very very pronounced large nipples. I asked if she had been pregnant, but the
adoptive mom said she didnt think so. After having been spayed they have diminished some, but there are some still there. Could you describe, Kat, "clamped in" behind? you can PM me if you want. Dont want to get too graphic.... :oops: :oops: :oops:

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You know I would think it would be just like humans in the sense that if the dog has gone through heat before being spayed then her nipples would be bigger... so it doesnt neccesarilly mean shes given birth though that is a possibility.

Maybe Im wrong in assuming that but it makes sense to me. *shrug*

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The rescue shelter I adopted Jackie from got her from the pound, so there was no history on her. The possibility of her going through her first heat before getting spayed would make a lot more sense to me that the possibility of her having given birth before I got her (when she was 1-1/2).

Thanks for the info!

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[quote name='DivineOblivion19'][color=indigo]We once had a lady call the clinic in a panic, "MY DOG HAS TICKS ALL OVER HIM!!!!!" So I told her to bring the dog in and I'l remove them all. She comes in with her 4 year old male Golden Retriever that she's had since he was a pup. "The ticks are all over his belly!!!!" she says. So we get him on his back and I'm looking and looking... she starts pointing them out.... pointing at his nipples.

Me: These?! (as I pointed at his nipples)
Lady: YES!
Me: Those are his nipples.
Lady: But he's a boy!
Me: Does your husband have nipples?
Lady: Yes, why? *pause... light goes off in head* OOOOOHHHHHH! I guess your right. :oops:

It was pretty funny... (maybe you had to be there.....) :lol: [/color][/quote]

LOL!!!! Yeah actually I kinda did that with my cat ebfore... :oops: not as ticks but I was kinda like WTH are these? lmao. Its just not something you think about until you [i]really[/i] think about it, get what Im saying?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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