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AmStaffs vs APBT

Guest Anonymous

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I'm not going there with Eli and what people think of him.

He is the product of BYB, he is poorly bred, but still 100% APBT.
It's not like he is a show dog or something, he doesn't have/need to be perfect.
My friend has a boxer, and Eli has no characteristics of a boxer.

this is about the best pic of eli I have...

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Eli looks like an APBT to me, it seems that some people on here don't know what APBTs look like. But he looks like an APBT. Could he be mixed somewhere in his line? Yes, but couldn't any APBT, one that "looks pure". Looks doesn't mean much, dogs have been mixed and look pure and a pure dog can look mixed to some people I guess but a byb bred dog isn't going to look like a perfect example of the breed, it doesn't mean its mixed, it means it hasn't been bred to standard. So how can some one think he's mixed with Boxer? Doesn't look like one to me.

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Guest Mutts4Me

Eli looks like a very lovely APBT to me, too :)

Due to rampant BYBing and other breeding for varying characteristics, there are many varieties of Pit appearance. Just look at an APBT book, and you'll see many different types of dogs that are all APBTs. Short v. Tall, Lanky v. Stubby, Erect v. Floppy ears, etc. People have their ideas of what a "true" representative looks like - and that may vary from person to person - but dog breeds have many variations that need to be considered.

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Did some one say more pics????/

Here is one of Muse sticking her nose out of her kennel

One I got of Val's neice

My friends new Panther/Ironlines female getting ready to go inside

Thats it for now

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here are more pitty pics!
or my pit/boxer mix :lol: :lol: :lol:

he's vicous folks, watch out :lol:


this is so yummy




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AllAmericanPUP if you are using a digi cam is there a way for you to adjust the flash level? Your pictures look very dark but maybe it is just my monitor.[/quote]

I think it's your monitor, cause they are very bright and clear for me.
Anybody else having trouble seeing them?
Maybe my monitor is just very bright :lol:

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Here is some more of my super-pittie...





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