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I didnt read the replys so sorry if this has already been said..but..

[quote]A lot of the dogs in rescue have bad habits. Not that they're not amazing dogs, but some are chewers, some have SA, some have dog or cat aggression, some have nervous tendencies, some are fear biters, and some are just generally difficult dogs.

Yea a lot of rescues do have those problems, but so do a lot of dogs that come from reputable breeders. I know alot of people who have bought from reputable breeders and their dogs still have Seperation Anxiety, or not good with cats, etc.
Just cause the puppy comes from good breeding doesn't mean it is going to be completely problem free.
These are ALL things that can be either be controlled or completely gotten rid of. PEOPLE just don't want to spend the time to train their dogs and THAT is why millions of dogs and cats are in shelters.

Find me one dog that is in a shelter becuase of the DOGS fault and i'll shut up.
But thats not gonna happen, cause dogs are in shelters and rescues because of no fault of their own.
the reasons for gettinf rid of a pet..
"i didnt know he'd get so big"
"his fur doesn't match our new carpet/furniture"
"he sheds, there is hair everywhere"
"he pees on the floor when I scream at him or hit him"
"my children don't want to play with him anymore"
"he peed/pooped in the house!"
"he chewed on my brand new shoes that I left laying on the floor"
"he barks too much"
"he digs in the yard"
"she clawed my furniture"
"she peed out of the litter box"
etc. etc.
the list goes on.

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AllAmericanPup I totally understand your post and what you are saying. All the stupid reasons people get rid of dogs are usually caused by the people themselves. However I think I understand where the other poster is going.

Now all dogs usually chew at some point in their life, some might even have SA or be animal aggressive. But like you said you know a lot of people with dogs from good breeders that have these problems, these were caused by the [b]owners[/b] and not where the dogs came from. Now when you get a rescue it has these problems and bad habits from its previous conditions. When you get a pup from a breeder you don't have all these problems, you just have to not be lazy, raise and train the dog right. Thats now going to guarantee the dog isn't going to chew as a puppy. However some dogs from shelters there may be almost no way to house break them, they could have unpredictable fear aggression, they could be very unruly. They could have so many problems from just being in the shelter that they could be going stir crazy and their condition deteriorating, making them a really unsafe dog to adopt and one that probably couldn't be helped by training. Maybe sometimes, but others are too far gone and even some who could be saved would require A LOT of work and a professional behaviorlist. Of course there are plenty of worth while dogs in the shelter and its sad that not all of them are really adoptable and there will never be enough homes for all dogs in this world. But there are lots of great dogs to choose from. But again there is a major difference between a shelter dog and a dog from a reputable breeder in terms of overal quality. I'm not putting down shelter dogs for their previous owners stupidity and laziness in raising them or there poor breeding, but when you look at it bybs and reputables are very different in quality and even gettting a pup from a byb might be a better chance at a better adult the way you raised it. But not any type of quality guarantee with poor breeding giving you poor health and temperament.

I think most of the things listed are obviously the fault of the previous owner or very poor breeding, you could easily get a dog from a reputable breeder and make it out to have those problems and some are normal dog "problems" that just need to be dealt with by training the puppy, but for me bad habits are not the biggest things, as they are with poor temperaments (sometimes made worse by previous conditions/breeding) and poor health. I just lost a byb at the age of 6 yrs old, bad health and she's had it her whole life (well after the age of 2 or so) also had some temperament problems and I don't look forward to ever doing that again. The thing is I loved her a lot, truly did and she was one of my best companions ever, makes losing her so young hurt even worse and always having to see her with some type of problem. I just found out today about a Rottweiler with [b]bad[/b[ HD, now they got the dog from a byb so what you expect. She's about 7 or 8 and has been a dog with a great temperament and personality, but she's always had some few minor health problems including terribly bad flea allergies. And reactions to flea control products! Now she has bad HD, she can't even stand up, she'll probably be put down here in the next few days. Poor girl. Now my point with all this is if she had ever been dumped for whatever reason (the people who have her are the original owners who have had her since 6 weeks), if she was lucky enough to get adopted from the shelter some one else would be having to go through this problem. I'm not saying don't adopt them, DO I advocate rescue they need homes. But there really IS a difference and people should have the right to choose if they want to go to a reputable breeder because they do something with their dogs or just want a better guarantee on a pups health and temperament. Or they should be looking at rescues and shelters, hopefully never to a byb!!! Thats giving them you money when you could get a shelter dog for much cheaper UTD on shots, altered, ect.

With all that said I don't get shelter dogs, but I do rescue dogs of all breeds. I'll take any dog in that needs help and to be rehomed or I'll keep one for an extended period of time without looking for a new home, just keeping the dog and letting live a good life, even if I don't end up being its forever home.

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Not all people are cut out for rescue animals either, sounds stupid, but it's true. Not all people can deal with the problems you sometimes have with rescue dogs.

I agree with this post. The only Humane Society in our area we'll goto is elmbrook cuz HAWS the 1 closest to us has problems. when i was little my family adopted a dog from HAWS and soon after like a month or so after we got him he started showing signs of distemper and bit me a few times for no reason and I was only 6. We brought him back to the humane society. we went in the back to look at dogs and they had 2 dogs in the back that had a 2 week wait on them because 1 had fleas and the other couldn't go without her(brother sister pair) there was a puppy litter there most them had fleas to. We were there just b4 we got cinco and the dogs i liked got adopted and now they're back(I saw them on the site) [url]www.hawspets.org[/url]

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[quote name='AllAmericanPUP']It's a cruel cruel world, and ya just have to do what you can to help the ones who need it.

It may seem that whatever you do, like make a small donation, or foster a couple dogs, or anything of the sort, doesn't count much. But every single donation, no matter how big or small makes a difference in the life of a shelter or rescue dog, and foster homes make a huge difference in the amount of dogs a rescue or shelter take in.

we can't save all of the homeless dogs and we can't make the world "perfect" but we can do our best to make a difference.

Hope that makes sense :oops:[/quote]

It's like they saying goes "u may be only able to adopt 1 dog in the world but to that 1 dog u mean the worl" :lol:

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Guest Anonymous
God bless...
I know we need the breeds to keep going... by the GOOD breeders.. but I'm afraid I'm more for no breeding then breeding...
There is just to many homeless pets out there.. we don't need more...

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