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Kia's 2nd Agility Class *pics*


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Kia's second class went well, but not as good as the first. There was something on the ground that was distracting her. She just wouldn't focus and I had to put on the stern "mommy" voice. Ugh. I didn't want too because I want her to have fun with it, but geez! All she wanted to do was smell the grass.

2nd class we worked on the A-Frame, Dogwalk, Suspension Bridge, and a few jumps.

Kia did well with the contact obstacles (A-Frame, Dogwalk, and bridge), though she leaps onto the A-Frame so high she misses the part she needs to touch (the part in yellow). Something we'll work on. Kia was so lazy with the jumps she practically stepped over them and didn't care if she knocked em down. :roll: :(

Something we'll REALLY have to work on. But overall, she did good and didn't balk at any of the obstacles. We even practiced again with tunnels and she did the closed tunnel three times without pausing or help! :D

Looking forward to class 3. :) Got a few impromptu pics toward the end of class. :)

[b]Kia on the A-Frame (with Instuctor Janet in the background)

On the bridge

The newest member of the class, Eli the Sheltie, in the background.

The chute!

Coming down the dogwalk

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super pics and looks like she is still really enjoying it. You mentioned the contact on the A frame. Put a pole on the ground just about a foot from the A frame and this will act to steady her up. Also get in a well timed command just before she hits the contact and if necessary use her name before the command so that she will slightly hesitate in her tracks long enough to listen to her name and get the contact. Don't expect too much from her at this early stage and walk before you can run so to speak. Build up her confidence then the speed will come naturally. :wink:

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