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Kia's first day in Agility Class


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This is the first time Kia or I have ever been in an Agility Class. Kia is not too unfamilier with some of the equipment because we've been to events where it's been set up for the public to "play" on. So I've taken her over jumps, the A-Frame, and on teeter totters. She didn't want anything to do with the tunnel (which was extended all the way).

Kia's first class went wonderfully! There are only 3 people total which makes it great for having Janet, the instructor, work closely with all of us.

In Kia's class there is Molly, the Doberman and Paco, the Border Collie mix. Paco isn't very dog friendly on the leash I suspect. When we were introducing our dogs to each other Paco laid into Kia. But when we were working around the equipment, he was real good. Molly is very shy but towards the end of the day she really opened up.

For the first class we worked with tunnels. After some practice, Kia still hesitates on the closed tunnel and Janet has to hold her at one end and I call her at the other. But with the open tunnel and chute, she barrels right in. :D All the dogs did great.

We also practiced walking the dogs slowly over a ladder so they know what their back feet are doing. Took them all a little while to get used to that.

And we as handlers practiced working the dogs on the left and right side.

Looking forward to next Wednesday!

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Sounds like you are both having fun which is fab to hear! :D When working on your lefts and rights use a wee low jump in your back garden (brush pole across two upturned plant pot works wonders!), and then use a ball with your command word and help Kia with your body language by moving your whole body but especially your shoulder in the direction that you want her to turn. Glad that you're having fun! :D

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Thanks everyone. :) And thanks for the advice Kat! I'm looking into building my own equipment out of pvc to practice with. :D

[quote name='kendalyn']Only 3 people in the class!? Maybe I should look into classes in your area... I think you're only about an hour away from me.[/quote]
That would be cool! Would you like Janet's email? She said the max number for the class is 6 and I thought the class would be full. Was quite surprised there are only the 3 of us.

Here are some pictures of Kia playing on agility equipment at a Humane Society event last summer. :)

[b]Kia on the A-Frame:

Kia on the Dogwalk:

Kia jumping (she'd only do it if we did it with her. :o Something she'll soon learn to do on her own. :D )
[img]http://kia.cutestsandgirl.com/images/walk_for_animals/kia_jump2.jpg[/img] [/b]

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Hey I finally have another chance to ask a stupid question :drinking:

How old is Kia? We are coming to the end of Hailey's second 7 week obdience class and my partner and I are bummed that the "structured" class learning is coming to an end. In addition, Hailey is really comming out of her shell with other dogs and people in addition to really being a SMART dog. So I was considering agility, but Hailey is 5 and I was wondering if it might be too hard on her joints to start now?

Opinions anyone????

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[quote name='science_doc']How old is Kia?[/quote]
Kia will turn 6 at the end of this month. :) I wondered too, if Agility might overwork her especially since she had that seizure a year ago, but she's always on the go at the dogpark, so I figured, if she showed any hint of pain or discomfort, we'll stop. But she just loves it! 8)

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