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Losing Puppy Teeth & Not Eating

Pit Retriever

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Guest Anonymous

Hi, when I have problems with my dogs not eating I give them a product called Nutrical. It has the consistency of honey (so they can't spit it out) and it helps give them an appetite as well as provide extra calories! Hope this helps! :D

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Guest Anonymous

Your pup's probably finished teething, so this is a late reply for the benefit of others who may have the same question...

My pup started teething a few weeks ago and I've noticed that sometimes she won't eat, other times she will. Apparently this is common during the teething period. If she doesn't eat for a day, I'll worry about it, but if she just skips or doesn't finish a meal I chalk it up to teething pain.

To help her out:
- Offer ice cubes, frozen water-soaked washcloths or frozen water-soaked rope toys. The cold helps soothe the pain. You'll probably want to give these to her somewhere where you can wipe up the inevitable wet spot (in my case, the tiled kitchen floor) or outside where it doesn't matter.
- Offer her stuff to chew on: good quality rawhide chews (ONLY while you're supervising her. My pup gagged on a bit she chewed off!), rubber chewtoys and nylabones.
- Moisten her dry kibble with just enough warm water that it softens the kibble, 5 minutes before serving it to her. Note that you can't leave moistened kibble out after her mealtime the way you can when it's dry.

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