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our beautiful pit bull Brax passes away RIP


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Brax was diagnosed with lympho sarcoma at the start of the year,
5 weeks into his treatment the vet rang and informed us he did not have
lympho sarcoma, but was suffering from Histiocytic Sarcoma.This cancer attacks there spleen, lungs and bone marrow, joints ect. My son had made the his mind up and we all talk about the prognosis which was very grim, he decided to have Brax euthanased the Tuesday after easter so that we all could spend easter with him.Brax did not make it, on the 8th April at 6pm l took brax out to the toilet , he did the business walk inside
and collapse in my daughter-inlaws arms, brax had passed away.
Brax you gave us so much love, you enriched our lives, we will cherish you forever. Brax has been cremated and will come home to his family.
Brax has been named dog of the week please check the link out, with my granddaughter Taykeeta.l wil post more pics soon.

christina pitgal

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Thankyou to everyone on the forum for your wonderful post on the loss
of Brax, its been hard for my family but we are starting to get back into the norm of everyday life, the hardest thing is we are not allowed to own another pit bull on the Gold Coast, due to there disgusting laws.
I wrote a poem about brax and l hope you will all read it, its the the story section, based on true facts, and families that were run out of this state
because they owned a pit bull. Jeanne your a darling thankyou.
Holz l am crying with you, l hope they are running a riot in heaven together. Brax l love you and miss you heaps, l will keep fighting BSL in your honour, once again thankyou everyone
christina & family.

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