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dog food?


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I feed Diamond lamb and rice to the mastiff, and diamond puppy
to the boxer. We live in a rural area and Wellness, ect are not
available here. I cant always drive an hour to buy food, so have
settled on the Diamond brand. Diamond is also the maker of the
Chicken Soup line, but our stores dont carry the CS line.

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Guest Anonymous

Nature Balance is the best dog food! availbale at big chains like petco it is all natural with no by-products, fillers,additives or colors added.

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while natural balance is a good food, i'd certainly not go as far as calling it "the best".

in a nutshell - there is [b]no such thing[/b] as a "best food".

why? simple: every dog is different.

for example: foods with different sources of animal protein are nice - until you get to a dog who can't tolerate one or the other and needs a food with a single specific meat protein, or one that does not include a particular one.

the same thing goes for grains. a variety of different ones is not a bad thing as long as the dog doesn't have intolerances or allergies to a particular one. due to different nutrient contents in the different types, they often complement each other very well - but that isn't worth a dime if your dog can't tolerate one or more of them.

next: nutrient concentration - some dogs do better on a less concentrated food while others can barely eat enough of it to keep weight on. for these you need a food that supplies more nutrients in a smaller amount. some need more fat than others, some can't tolerate high fat levels due to absorption problems and diseases.

what is much more important than finding the elusive, hypothetical "best food" is to learn about your dog's individual needs and feed accordingly. if you feed a lamb and rice based food and never try something different, you might not ever find out that your dog would do a lot better on a different formulation. on the flip side, if you are feeding a food that has multiple protein sources (canidae, chicken soup etc.) you might not realize that your dog would do better if one of the many things in those formulations were left out.

looking into such individual requirements i found out that my dog does much better on protein sources like beef, lamb and turkey but not that great on chicken or pork. i also know that he does better on a higher fat content than most commercial formulations have. last but not least, he prefers potatoes and oatmeal to rice, which i happily support.

the best thing you can do is research ingredient quality and safety to see what [b]you[/b] are comfortable with, and learn how to [b][url=http://www.mordanna.com/dogfood/]identify a better product[/url][/b] when you have to make a decision.

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