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I spent the evening with my little sister Amber (through Big Brothers/Big Sisters) tonight. I think I've posted before that her mother's boyfriend bought them a pitbull a while ago. Well the dog is now about a year old. He's totally untrained (Amber wouldn't work with him with me) but so far has been an OK pet I thought.

Amber told me today that Chino doesn't like his feet touched and that he tried to bite her mom when she was cleaning his feet. Then she said something that really disturbed me. She said, "But that's a pitbull for you. They all bite." :o Of course I told her she's wrong and that pit bulls (or any breed) should never bite a person. I gave her a short history and all that. She still thinks that it's their job to bite and that people who don't think so have never owned a pit bull. She doesn't think what I told her is credible because I have never owned a pitbull.

I asked her when they were planning on getting him neutered (I thought he already was for some reason) and she said they weren't going to because they want him to have puppies. :x I had to hold myself back and continue sounding calm while I explained to her the benefits of neutering and why Chino should NOT be bred. I'm pretty sure she thinks everything I said is stupid. I tried to impress on her how bad it is for the entire breed everytime a pit bull bites someone. She's never heard of a breed ban and was shocked when I told her it could happen, but I don't think it's going to have that much of an effect.

BUT since she seems to trust the advice of people who have owned pitbulls, could you guys respond to this post so I can print it out for her? Include in your post how many pits you have or have had and why you love the APBT. Could you also explain how serious it is for a pit bull to bite and that it is not a normal thing?

She's 11 so she'll understand most of what you write and I can explain anything that she doesn't. I'd love for her to be able to read the truth from people who own pitbulls. Thanks for your help in advance :-)

Try to keep the posts positive if you can. I probably won't show her any negative ones because I don't want her to become defensive. I'm trying to educate, not prove her wrong...

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Heres a pretty realistic article that may be helpful. I want to say I'm not posting this as a bad portrayal of any pit. I absolutely love pits. They are wonderful dogs but I think it would be wrong for this person to breed this dog for MANY reasons. I don't feel they want to do this for the right reasons. Not only are they not responsible enough to train a breed that REQUIRES training, more than likely they know nothing genetically and temperament wise about breeding on top of it. I'm not sure they will choose the right kind of homes for the pups.

To be honest, I'm not sure if it's a genetic disorder that this dog is suffering from. It could be. It's hard to tell over the internet but I'd have to say from here I think it's more so lack of firm training and pack order understanding. If these people don't train or understand that I can't see them placing these dogs in homes who would as needed either which could in the end be a bad thing for those little lives.

This breed if bred at standard conditions needs a firm hand of training. If it was bred with a soft non-dominant wishy washy family companion temperament then it was not in all actuality in my opinion bred to bully standard. This does not mean it has to be aggressive! It should not bite! I want to make that clear about what I mean by that. (Correct me if I'm wrong here on any of this pittie owners. I am not a pittie owner or expert on the breed but I think I know at least that much.)

If these people got the dog from a breeder who didn't do much through the interviewing process (saying this because of the lack of concern in training and choices they are making) I'd kind of wonder about the gentics anyway. Taking the name "bully breed" for what it's worth here. It's not a bad thing. They are not by any means bad dogs. They just have to be kept in their place and if you don't do that they will walk all over you. Someone who doesn't have any understand about their own breed (let alone breeding) should not be breeding them in my opinion.

This breed has a bad rap (which this family themselves (who want to breed) and own this dog has bought into). A bad rap, because of not only terrible breeding practices but lack of training...hence "punish the deed not the breed" slogan so many people who really do know these days are using. So many pits die every year because of these reasons.

Anyway here is the sad article


Article Published: Sunday, April 04, 2004
Guilty by breed, not by deed
Denver's policy of euthanizing pit bulls violent or not faces scrutiny

By David Olinger
Denver Post Staff Writer

Post / Karl Gehring
This dog impounded at the Denver Municipal Animal Shelter bears resemblance to a Staffordshire bull terrier, one of the breeds banned in 1989 by the city of Denver.

Blue was put to death in Denver for being a dog of a prohibited breed.

So were Sasha and Summer and Oreo, although they had attacked nobody.

Butch and Peaches survived. Their owner sent them to Aurora, which allows pit bull terriers, before their trip to the Denver dog pound reached a date with a fatal needle.

In Denver, one of the largest U.S. cities to ban pit bulls, the list of dogs on death row keeps growing. Last year alone, the city put to death 410 pit bulls; 240 others were returned to owners promising to get their dogs out of town immediately.

But the Denver ban, as well as similar ordinances in several smaller Colorado communities, is now under attack at the state Capitol.

The challenge, ironically, comes from legislation crafted after three roaming pit bulls attacked and killed a woman in Elbert County and injured two of her friends.

Last week, the House approved the bill, which would increase liability for owners whose dogs maim or kill someone. At the same time, it forbids "breed-specific" bans against pit bulls or any other dogs.

Rep. Debbie Stafford, R-Aurora, the bill's sponsor, said it punishes "the deed, not the breed," and would end the practice of killing hundreds of dogs that have not attacked anyone.

In Denver, 17 of the pit bulls impounded last year had bitten someone. Most of the others were picked up in response to complaints from neighbors, mail carriers or others who spotted dogs from a banned breed within the city limits.

The numbers of pit bulls impounded at Denver's animal shelter have grown drastically, from 103 in 1999 to 652 last year.

Animal control director Doug Kelley isn't sure why.

"I think part of it is that people are moving into the city and don't know about the ordinance," he said. "The other reason: We're seeing quite a few repeat offenders come in. If that dog comes back in, chances are that it will be euthanized."

Norma Cisneros said she had raised pit bulls in California and was unaware of the Denver ordinance until the city impounded Butch, a year-old male, and Peaches, a 4-month-old puppy, in September.

"My dogs were loving," not trained to fight, she said.

After they were impounded, "a friend in Aurora took them for me, and he sold them," she said. She hasn't seen them since.

The Denver ordinance was enacted in 1989 after a series of pit bull attacks, including the killing of a 5-year-old boy and mauling of a Denver pastor, Kelley said. The law survived a Colorado Supreme Court challenge.

"It was the most heated animal-related matter we ever had," said Cathy Reynolds, who served 28 years on the Denver City Council. "Some people showed up with horrible stories about pit bulls and gory pictures of what their jaws had done to young children. Others spoke passionately about their right to own their pets."

Post / K.S. Osler
A pit bull impounded at the Denver Municipal Animal Shelter waits Friday for its owner, who can save it from execution if a home is found for the dog outside the city limits. Last year, 650 dogs deemed pit bulls by a three-person panel were picked up by the city, of which 17

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Guest Anonymous
It really makes me want to cry that so many people think the same way she does. The media has destroyed the reputation of my breed. Its so easily forgotten that it wasnt all that long ago they were considered the best family pet.
Here something for her...
I own 35 American Pit Bull Terriers. I have been involved with the breed for several years and have seen, literally, thousands of these dogs. I have NEVER had one even attempt to bite me. They are not supposed to bite people and have been bred since their existence to love people. People biters were culled, as well as the offsrpring.
Pit bulls should never be shown its okay to bite people. As well as it not being in thier blood it is also just too dangerous. The damage a pit can do is 100 times worse than most other breeds. Even if your dog doesnt actually hurt someone if he does bite, he will be taken from you and he will be put down. Also, there will be a story in the paper telling everyone how dangerous the breed is. PLEASE, PLEASE do not contribute to the problem of irresponsible pit owners. There are enough of them out there already. And those people are making it harder every day for me to keep my dogs, who have never hurt anyone (and wouldnt).
APBTs used to be considered the best breed for families and the best breed to have around children, of all ages. They were known for thier deep love of people and for thier gentelness with children. And they still are amoung those of us who know the truth and dont let the media mold our minds.
I recommend you read a few of Rich Strattons books. They are very informative on not only the true nature of the APBT but of every aspect of the breed. Do some research. It will help you understand the breed more, and show you how wrong the media has been about the breed.
I love this breed with all my heart. There isnt a better breed out there. They are very loving creatures, who love people and love attention. They are strong, beautiful, intelligent dogs that are different than any other breed. They want nothing more than to be able to please thier owners and when they are shown thier owner is pleased they will smile from ear to ear and thier hearts will overflow with joy. They always want to be near you. And when you wonder too far from them they will tuck thier butts under and run full blast until they are by your side again.
I really hope you listen to what the pit owners here have to say. There are several of them and they all love thier dogs completely and are knowledgable about the breed. I hope you will learn what it is we love about our breed. I also hope you learn the truth about pit bulls and how wonderful of a breed they are.

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Guest Anonymous
Me next... my turn... okay, first hello Amber, the first thing you should know about the American Pit Bull Terrier breed is they are a lot of dog in a small package. That said there are a lot of people that own these dogs that shouldnt. they dont have the time to train them or to take care of them properly. They have very bad ideas of what they dogs are fo and are causing a lot of problems for good pit bull owners all over the world. Your dog sounds like it is starting to learn bad habits, the fact that it tried to bite your mom is a very bad thing. I think you and your family should talk about getting him neutered and into a obedience training class, so he can learn manners as well as learn that he has to take orders from humans.... even if it is something that he doesnt like. him biting your mom was a way for his to say "DOnt touch my feet!" and your mom probably left his feet alone after that, and guess what that just tells the dog that if he wants his way he can use his teeth. not a good thing at all. The general breed is a very happy go lucky and loving dog, they should never want to bite people... no matter what the circumstance. a dog that is willing to bite people should never be bred. no matter how pretty he is or how many of your friends say that they want puppies.

I have three pit bulls they are all house dogs and live inside with us. I first got into the breed when i found out i was going to be a dad. I got on the interenet and started looking for the best famliy dog i could find... and the one that stuck out as a allaround great dog is all catagories? thats right a pit bull. they are very friendly and active and playfull, they locve children and love attention. They do well at obedience and are very smart. There are other dogs out there that are better then pit bulls at certain things but pit bulls make up for it by being very eager to learn and trying as hard as they can. Dont underestimate your dog, he can do a lot more than you think. If you guys dont right now, you should definately look into some doggy activities, even if its just taking him for a good long run and playing fetch, Pit bulls are a working dog, so they have lots of energy and its your job to get him tired and make him feel like he did a job.... even if he really was just playing with you.
Having a dog of any breed is a lot of work, but when your dog is a pit bull its even more. you have to make sure that your dog is extra nice that when people see your dog they dont see a crazy dog on a leash trying to bite them, they see a nice dog that they would want to pet and say hi to. that makes people have a positive image of the dogs, and that is important for everybody.

The last thing, its very important to get that dog into a training class, he needs to be desensatized to having his feet touched, because he has biten once i wouldnt reccomend that you do it, have your mom call a professional dog trainer and get some tips from them, you dog is not a typical pit bull, dont judge the breed based on this one animal. they are not usually aggresive to people.
(I hope you can follow this, I tried to keep it nice a to the point for you)

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Thanks for so many replies! If anyone else out there wants to speak up, don't be afraid :-)

I will see Amber next week and I'll have the replies ready to show her.

Do you guys know any good educational links for her to visit? Maybe we could sit down and visit a few websites.

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Guest Anonymous
My puppie gnaws on me and everyone else, doesnt aggressivley bite. Though i'm tying to break the gnawing on flesh habit. But if he's anything like his dad that will be near impossible. Also my puppy is still kinda afraid of people. i want him to bark and growl when people knock on the door or any other disturbing sound(want him to be protective of the household due to many breakins). He is 4 months, does he just need to be older or what?

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[quote name='Kruqnut']My puppie gnaws on me and everyone else, doesnt aggressivley bite. Though i'm tying to break the gnawing on flesh habit. But if he's anything like his dad that will be near impossible. Also my puppy is still kinda afraid of people. i want him to bark and growl when people knock on the door or any other disturbing sound(want him to be protective of the household due to many breakins). He is 4 months, does he just need to be older or what?[/quote]

give him time. Dogs dont "develop" the guarding insticnt until 8 months old. And it comes on naturally, no training is necessary. If you want a "guard" dog, and not a "watch" dog, they require special training.

As far as the gnawing, put some black pepper, or bitter apple, on your hands. Some dogs like bitter apple, so the black pepper may be the better take. A few instances with that and they usually give it up. And no, it wont hurt them. Just tastes bad.

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