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How long do dogs sleep?

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I'm curious to know how many hours do your dogs sleep on average at night? and do they wake up often to go to the bathroom? I ask this because when I start working I will have to work 12 hrs for 3 days, I can either work the 7am-7pm shift or the 7pm-7am shift. I was thinking that if I did the night shift, I could tire out my dog (and myself :o ) during the day by walking, playing, training, etc and then maybe he would get a good night sleep. He would probably have to go to the bathroom during the night so I need to think about that more.

Now, if I worked during the day I could possibly hire a pet sitter to come over and walk my dog and make sure everythings ok but Hmmmm made a good point about having a pet sitter (the dog might confuse who's alpha) and I don't want that happening.

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Buck has no problem staying inside 12 hours at night. He sleeps pretty much all night.

However, the boxer I am dogsitting right now wakes me up at 6:00 am no matter what. Everytime I watch her it's the same story. I let her out at 6:00 and then if possible we both go back to sleep!

If for some reason your dog did have a problem holding it overnight, you could train him to go on some newspaper or something absorbant. :)

Do you work in a hospital? Those are our hours at the hospital too. I'm working on a floor with a 10 hour shift right now, but most have 12s. :-)

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Our dogs sleep in the bedroom with us, Sam and Zeke on the bed, Travis on the floor (its where he likes to sleep).

My wife gets up earlier than I do to go to work, so she has her alarm set for 6:15 am. Half the time, when the alarm goes off, our GSD Travis makes this exasperated groan: "Uuuuuuuhhhhh". He goes on for like 10 seconds. Its pretty funny.

Zeke in Sam will stay in bed with me while she gets ready, then the boys follow her into the kitchen to be let outside. Once she leaves, they come back to bed and sleep with me until its time for me to get up.

They pretty much sleep through the night. Once in a while, somebody will jump off the bed. Sam tends to get hot and jumps off, but he just lies on the floor and goes right back to sleep.

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Thank you everyone. I feel so much better now because I'm often told that I shouldn't get a dog because of the long hours that I'm going to have to work, but if I work my 12s at night I think my dog should be ok, plus I will have 4 days off.

Kendalyn-I'm currently in nursing school and had a few job offers at the hospital. Are you an RN?

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Guest Anonymous

Both my dogs sleep in the bedroom with us and they don't move much all through the night. Dagwood (8 year old labx) will sleep until I call him to go outside. Roxy (11 month old GSD) wakes me up around 6 am, a few minutes [u]before[/u] the alarm goes off. She doesn't need to go out right away, so she waits (at my heels) while I get ready, after which we go for a long walk. Incidentally, when Roxy was younger we brought her to puppy care or had a dog walker come by during the day. I did not notice any differences in our dogs' relationships with us due to the use of a dog walker. Since Roxy is not caged any longer, my dh goes home for lunch each day to assess the situation and we no longer need a walker. I have found that taking a long walk with her in the morning really helps tire her out at least until lunch, so exercising your dog will for sure help a great deal.

Eric, Travis is quite a character!!! LOL Roxy also sleeps on the floor, although she has her own dog bed as well as a couch at her disposal ... interesting ... could be a GSD thing ...


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