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Poor, poor Ben


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Ben's REALLY down and depressed today. And he's really confused at the same time.

Mom went to hospital today and she'll be coming home tomorrow. So she'll spend the night there.
This is the first night that she's been away from Ben so Ben's totally confused and doesn't know what to do. He doesn't want to play, he barely eats and he's given up searching for her. (first he searched every room just in case mom would be there)

And now because Ben's like this, Bella's really nervous too. She runs around whining, but when Ben becomes calm, she calms down. It's not easy for her either worrying about Ben, mom and apparenly she suddenly feels like she needs to protect me. :o And this all while she's on heat.

I'm kind of clueless on what to do. Ben just lies on the sofa and doesn't do anything. Dad's working with the shed/outhouse so he's not much help.
I've been so busy today that I've not eaten anything yet and it's now soon 3PM here. :o

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Well. mom's coming home today. Actually dad went to pick her up already.
Mom's always said that she'd like to see the household I'm running when I grow up as I'm "pretty" messy and piles of paper and stuff on tables don't bother me. So... I've been making extra effort on the fact that she doesn't have to do anything when she comes back. I've made the beds, made food, cleaned up after myself, cleaned my room from top to bottom, taken care of my niece and nephiew yesterday and checking their blood suger (they've got diabetes), I've changed Bella's pants and cleaned them if they've got messy, I washed Bella yesterday, washed the laundry and today I took care of their food when we ran out of meat. So...
this is what dad's done: Put dishes in the dishwasher (none of mine - only his own), taken the dogs out to wee-wee and poop, been outside taking the firewood into the new shed and cleaned up after himself there, sat infront of the tv and anwserd his phone if he's been inside (if he's been outside I've done that).
Have I forgot something? ...hmm... no I don't think so... But doing my homework didn't exacly go as planned as my niece and nephiew came to visit (aged 6 and 8). I promised her that I would but... I didn't exacly expect them to come.

I can't wait to see her face when she comes back. I'm sure she thinks this house is a total mess and I'm sure she's worried of how much she has to do when she comes back. :evilbat:

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Haha, well Annushka... You never know. :evilbat:

Mum's still a bit sick, so I'm helping around still with the laundry, food, dogs etc. She was pretty impressed of how clean I had kept the house. (Yay me! :lol:)

Ben's guarding her now and don't want her to go outside even for five minutes. It's pretty sweet and cute to watch. As far as Ben's concerned - Mum is HIS mum now 110% and especially Bella has to be atleast a foot length from her. :lol:

The news was ok though... she's got some small tumors, but they seem to be good natured, so no problem there. They took small pieces of the lumps and sent them to the lab, so we'll know more soon. She's still got some more tests to do next month, so she'll be one night away that time too...

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