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Feeding Puppy Tuna and Chicken with Rice

Pit Retriever

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A friend of mine has raised a very fine Akita. He has always fed her canned tuna and chicken breast mixed with white rice. He claims this is a very healthy alternative for a dog, and helps build their immune system and gives them a great balance of vitamins and protein. Anyone know of any validty to this? I would love to feed my pup the best food possible, and am willing to feed him chicken and tuna if it's truly better than dry food. Right now we are using Purina ONE.

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if tuna, chicken breast and rice is all he is feeding, then it's not a balanced diet. in fact, i'd say it's grossly deficient in calcium (and other nutrients), which leaves excess phosphorus unbalanced, which in turn puts a heavy strain on the kidneys. kidney diesease is one of the leading causes of death in domestic dogs.

i am very much in favor of feeding fresh foods to dogs (as opposed to strictly a commercial diet), but if you want to do that, you have to do your homework and feed a wide variety of things in order to provide proper amounts of all nutrients and to avoid excess. it is not important that every single meal be balanced in itself and you don't have to get an academic degree to figure it out, but over the course of a couple weeks it should all even out.

no matter if you go for a home cooked or raw diet, or commercial food though, any of them would be better than purina kibble. it's not a very high quality food.

more info [url=http://home.comcast.net/~Mordanna/dog/]here[/url], i hope it helps a little.

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Both canned Tuna and Chicken have a fair amount of salt in them. And what ever happened to not eating much Tuna due to the Mercury content?

There is NO way I would EVER food a dog just Tuna, Chicken, and Rice.

Like TDG asid, this is a VERY unbalanced diet.

How healthy do you think YOU would be if that was all you ate?

(I agree about the Purina too. NOT good.)

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