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LMAO- My funny story for the week

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Ok tommorow school starts up again after our 2 week winter break. All this break I've been on a regular schedule, staying on the comp till about 11:30, then getting off, sitting on the couch with Abby and watching The Late Night Show with Conan O'brien (Love him!) and then at about 1 AM dragging myself up to bed. Now of course I have to get up early tommorow so I needed to go to bed early today. So I log off the comp at about 11:00 and go over to Abby who is sitting on the couch, settling down thinking this is just another ordinary night. I'll try to explain it as it happened:
Me- "Bean come on upstairs time to go night night."
Abby- :o :niedowiarek:
(If she could have said something, from the expression on her face it woulda been something like this-)
Huh? Wha? Do... Do u know what time it is? :niedowiarek:
Me- "Come on Abby mommy has ta go ta bed early tonight"
Abby- :niedowiary: *Slowly drags front half of self off couch* "So u're serious?"
Abby- *Pulls rest of self off couch and trots by eyeing me suspeciously*
(Once upstairs she climbs on the bed on her blanket at the window, I go brush my teeth and get ready and come back about 10 mins later and crawl into bed)
Abby- *Bewildered stare* So this is for real? :o :niedowiarek:
Me- *rolls eyes* Night Ab.
(5 mins later Abby is :sleep: ) I can't stop giggling over what just happened so I slide outta bed to come type this up and the look I get is a look of "I knew it" from Abby. :roll:

I just had to share my little story with u all, and as many people before me, I have come to the much known conclusion that my life would be very boring without a dog.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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