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For Sheltielover & All Believers in Rainbow Bridge


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[b] from the international sheltie group

Sent from the Internet (Details)

Welcome. I am Laddie Braveheart, Second Year Resident of the Rainbow Bridge.

This is your introduction to the Rainbow Bridge. I have been a resident here
for a little over a year and am now a member of the Welcome and Orientation
Committee, Shetland Sheepdg and Scottish Breed Division. I have the extreme honor of
escorting you to the Scottish Ancrestral Sectionof the Rainbow Bridge where those of our kind wait.

You have already received your Silver Harness, and it looks so good on you.
Now, let us begin our journey.

As you see there are fields of sheep and cows for the herding dogs, and over
there are the lakes, marshes and fields for the hounds and sporting dogs to
play. And here are Beau and Sam, the Goldens I lived with -- we visit often,
after all we have loved and are waiting for the same Humons. {See ya later, me mates)

Oh, look! The agility games are going on. This is one of the newer areas at
the Bridge and they have just finished the Rally-O field--this time with the
directions for each station written in Dog.

All the areas at The Bridge are for all the animals here and we have a lot
fun together. I have even seen some of the cats at the swimming ponds.

See that area over there? Where the sun shines bright and warm all the time,
and there is a gentle mist for a few hours each day? That is where all the
reptiles and amphibians are. They all have nice tree limbs and warm rocks to
lounge on.

But let's continue onwards.

Oh, check out those hedges and trees - that is where the bunnies and the
mice, rats, gerbils and ferrets are. I like to come down and watch them play

they just have so much fun -the flurry of activity and squeaking for joy
when one
of their Humes is coming is a treasure.

Now watch your step, this is the Large Animal area. Occasionally all the
horses, mules, donkeys, even the cows and goats get a little carried away
the Herd Running Game and can give a smaller critter like us quite a
surprise as
they break the hill at full gallop. Even the pigs and chickens take part.

Here, the hills get a little steeper and woods a little thicker. It is so
much fun to run full speed, up and down the hills dodging the trees. Here
will see the 'exotic' animals. The tigers and lions and bears and wolves,
the animals thought of as wild but have hearts shared with humans. They, too will cross the Rainbow Bridge with their special person.

But our journey carries us still further.

You feel the air getting crisper? And look, your coat is fuller and your
Silver Harness shines brighter. We are getting close.

Now, step carefully we are crossing the Crystal Bridge. Here, the weather is always clear, the snow just the right depth and the tracks are, perfect.

Since we have arrived during the afternoon, I can show you some of the activities we have.

The Scottish Breeds have many interests and enjoy many different games. I know you are used to having your Humon hook your harness to the car or the lead but your Silver Harness has magic and will hitch to what ever you want.

Over here are the sheep right next to the croft which has to be guarded and over there is on the far side of the isle, are the fields of joy, where you can run and play with your friends and share a ball or just laze away the sunny afternoon.

And yes, there are a lot of other breeds up here all doing what they do best, even though the Humes arnt there to see you, we all gather around to watch you and enjoy your times as though they were ours.

The Sammies are over there herding reindeer, and there are open streams for
the Inuits and Greenlands to fish for salmon.

The Shelties came up with a great idea that has now become a tradition with all the breeds. Each year during the National Breed Specialty there is a Rainbow Bridge Specialty Show.

All the dogs who had show careers and those
who just wanted to be a show dog go into the show ring and go around one more time.

The Shelties have gotten permission to have visitors from Heaven during that time.

Humes who have no dog with them are allowed to come visit and watch the show.

Judges and Stewards come and take part. And the old breeders come to see how the breeds are developing and visit with their great-great grandpuppies. All the dogs participating the first time get their Silver Rosette.

You see, every dog here is perfect.

If you look around you see not only are there warm straw beds to rest on, but houses with soft sofas and fireplaces to just lounge on and swap stories.

Many of the residents wait here for the night.

That is the time all of the Scottish Breed dogs assemble.

Each night a shelties team is formed and they run and play and herd the sheep and the cattle.

They can be seen from earth as the Southern Lights and now we are getting members from the Northern, Eastern and Western Hemispheres, and they also run and play sometimes as far as the North Pole of earth, to give them lights too.

Each March is a special run. That is when the Iditarod is run on earth and all the dogs who have raced and played and worked together, team up for a special display.

Many of them are cheering on their Humes who are racing. Many of them have family members in the fields. It seems the Collies and the Borders work their hardest
to make the most spectacular light display.

Well, I think you are pretty well acquainted with the Rainbow Bridge both North and South, East and West.

There are just a couple of other things you should know.

You are able to see your Humes when you miss them most. They may have gotten a new puppy. That is good.

It means they have started to heal from the loss
they felt when you left. But remember, a part of your heart remained with them to replace the part of their heart they gave to you.

Now, occasionally, your Human may be particularly sad and missing you. You are able to send your love to them any time. They will feel your love. It may be as a shadow in the corner of their sight, or the soft sound of your voice,
or a gentle breeze caressing their cheek. And it will bring them comfort.

And there is one special night, Christmas Eve. All the animals waiting for a special person gather together and send their gift of love to that person.

That night we are able to see into that person's home and if the person looks, there is a star shining particularly bright. Just for them from us.

Oh, I see the sun is setting and you are looking at all the dogs gathering together.

Go, and run, play, run and jump, . It is your night.


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Guest Anonymous

that was a great post. i can't stop crying.. i happend to read it on a great day.. ( my fav. english teacher in high school had a stroke and died on sunday.. ijust got the email about it... ) :cry: :cry:
that was a great post...

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