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Breed of dogs?


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Guest Mutts4Me

Sasha's a mutt. Probably chow chow/shepherd for the most part, but maybe some collie and other breeds mixed in. I don't think she's a pure cross, like two purebreds mixing, but rather the result of a couple mutts mating. All American Mutt, ya know ;)

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We have one boxer/ridgeback/rottie mix, a large handsome black lab I call my "show dog" but he has no papers, and our third is a puddy cat named Rex....who thinks he is a dog but is actually a half-pint runt of a cat. We also have a fourth pet, the daughter of Chief our black lab. She is a mix...half black lab (of course) and her mom was a mix - pit bull mix. Her name is Belle and she lives with my mother as we have a very small townhouse that only allows 2 pets and we are already breaking the rules with three pets. When my husband and I first met he came with two dogs and I came with a dog and a cat...so sweet Bellini stays at my mom's. We bought the townhouse when we got married last year cuz it was all we could afford. Belle lives close and stays with us a couple days a week. My mom loves her and she is a wonderful companion for my mother as my dad just passed away this past summer.

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One 8yo blue heeler cross. (and one of those is enough :D ) We don't know what he is crossed with. possibly border collie, kelpie, lab, dalmatian...??
My sister just got a 5 month old border collie who is ADORABLE. :angel:
Oh and we have a 9 month old silver tabby kitten who is a princess. :roll:

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Meg-Border Collie
Zoe- Golden Retriever

Abby- Scottish wild cat
Bin Laaden-domestic cat
Mandela- South American blue headed green iguana
Ziggy and Izzy- Zebrafinch
(and I won't name all the horses :wink: )

(...and at the moment in the bathroom a blackbird with an injured wing who is a victim of Bin Laaden!)

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Wow! :o You all have such awesome dogs, and other pets! I've never seen a Ridgie in real life, or a Bulldog either!

We also have a cat, Tawny, short for Katonya. She is my Mom's.
I have 5 angel fish(my beauties :D) A Betta, Platy, and Guppy fish too.
I have a sheep which I raised on a bottle. Her name is Millie.
Also two cows raised on a bottle. Charlotte is my Dad's cow, and Juniper is mine. We call her Nipper for short. :D

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Right now, no Canine family members, but we do have other critters

3 ferrets, Taz Teddie, & Tink
3 cockatiels, Boo, BB, & lucy
2 budgies, Goldie & Little G
1 Quaker parrot, Quimbly
1 Rose Breasted Cockatoo, Rosie

And many wild critters that come by to fed out of our many feeders.

Had a Pei, Sassy recnetly had to put her to sleep, and before I had a GSD/husky cross, Kirby & 3 rotties, Rocky, Grizzly & Tripod

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I have two puppygirls who I adopted from a rescue shelter and one horse.

Jackie (the black dog) is a 3 year-old Golden Retriever/German Shepherd/Collie mix (we think). She was rescued from the pound, so it's all a guess.

Maya (the yellow dog) is a 2-1/2 year old Golden Retriever/Husky mix who was an owner-surrender.

Sophie is a gray 5 year-old Appendix Quarter Horse mare who I will start showing next year.

Here's Jackie and Maya:

Here's Sophie:

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Guest Anonymous

1 rottie named Zoey who just turned a year who was rescued from the pound and is REAL daddys girl

1 Australian Shepherd name Cody who is Deaf and will be a year in Jan
he was rescued from a rescue group, after the breeder turned him in, instead of having him put down because of his deafness. he's a total momma's boy and i wouldnt' have it anyother way!

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[quote name='hillside']THREE Ridgies? Ahem, Rosebud, I need more info! [/quote]

Elsastarr took back one of the pups she placed in AL, she had two intact boys and their neutered daddy who really didn't want to get off his throne. With that not being a good mix, I got daddy-dog.


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