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Be CAREFUL after you adopt...


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Someone just called me and said that "Laurel was not an adoptable dog because of her fears...we will take her off your hands and find her a home where people can raise a fearful dog.....you dont need this grief...."

He gave me a name of Scott Smith (FIRST warning sign...) and a number that when I called it, the people said "NO Scott Smith here, wrong number...."

I called Maura and Judy, the rescue society people...they believe this "Scott Smith" is looking for dogs with issues, like Laurel, where people
dont want to deal with it. They said they have heard his name before, and believe he is "gathering" dogs and selling them to research labs..they cant prove it. because he is slick and cant be found....PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK EVERYONE OUT WHO WANTS TO ADOPT YOUR DOG!!!

I AM SOOOOO PISSED!! I would SERIOUSLY like to meet this man in a dark alley.....WITH my dogs.....

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[quote name='Malamum']How horrible :evil:

I've probably missed something, but how does this guy even know about Laurel and where would he have got your phone number from?[/quote]

That's exactly what I was thinking, How does this guy even know that Laurel is a fearful dog.


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Guest Anonymous

OMG! Didn't someone try to get Laurel from you once before and that's when you first learned people were taking (mainly hound) dogs to sell to labs? That's so dispicable!
I'm also wondering how they found out all that info, which I know isn't hard to find on people these days though... Someone can see your dog in your yard, can clearly see the dog has issues if you try to aproch it, then finding the info of who you are and your number ect. is easy from there, 'pecially if your living in a small town :-?

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[quote]I've probably missed something, but how does this guy even know about Laurel and where would he have got your phone number from?
[/quote] I asked the same questions...both of them. I wonder if this is the same guy, or someone in cahoots with him, who tried to nab her before....
Possibly Maura and Judy know about him because they are in hound rescue...how he got my number is REALLY interesting, because it's unlisted.

He may scope out places like this, and read forums; I had posted to quite a few at first looking all over for direction on how to handle her fears...
But the phone number bothers me....All I can think of would be a vet maybe?
Mine, or the one who vacinnates the Hounds? I called the vet and they dont have anyone working there named
Scott Smith, not surprisingly....but since I dont know what he looks like
I couldnt describe him.

This is very disturbing. That's twice now....the only other thing I can think of is that it's one of my son's friends thinking he's being funny...the caller id showed only "cellular call" when the call came in, and most of them have cell phones....

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I called the police this morning and gave them the cell number, explained what happened and what Maura and Judy had told, and they said they would look into it and get back to me......

Turns out it WAS one of Kyle's friends...it's his cell number. I confronted him with that, asking him how he came across the name "Scott Smith"....
Apparently, the Foxhound Rescue had called all the adoptee's (via a secretary that works for them) and warned them about Scott Smith. This kid got the message off the answering machine (overheard it while Kyle was playing the messages, and he is notoriously bad about forgetting to tell me about them) and thought it would be a "great joke"....I was SOOO
infuriated!!! But what really surprised me is that Kyle shoved him (his own friend, who he usually defends from adult anger) into the wall and said
"You ever pull another stunt like that on my mom, and YOU WILL REGRET IT!" He knows how I feel about Laurel, and although she still hasnt quite
taken to him, he tries to make friends with her and help me.

I feel SOOOOO much better!!! I was really worried....I told the kid he's not
welcome in my house for the next two weeks, and so NO CHICKEN BROCCOLLI BAKE FOR YOU!! (I make it every Sunday for all of his friends, they love it, he's going to miss two weeks of it now). He was crestfallen....

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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I agree, I would keep a very close eye on her for the moment.

It must be quite worrying for you. My first thought is that the two incidents are probably related and the same people are involved. The scary part is that they seem quite organised and prepared to try anything. :evil:

Are you able to get any info from the police on the people that originally tried to claim she was theirs? I would at least call the police and tell them that they are trying to get her again - just using a different method.

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:oops: oops we posted at the same time. I'm glad the mystery is solved and that there isn't some really determined freak trying to get his hands on Laurel.

I would be pretty pissed of with your son's friend as well - it's really not very funny :-? It's good to know Kyle has a bit more sense.

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thanks Malamum...he's a teenage boy, hormones, peer pressure..I was surprised and pleased that he defended me. he doesnt really "care' about Laurel, altho he is working with me to get her over her fear, at my request.. I think he wants her to like him, altho he would never admit that... the fact that he chastised his friend surprised me. He's really a good kid, dealing with normal teenage stuff for a boy...they dont normally break the "boy" rules, but he did. I was impressed. And I thanked him for standing by me....and he said "they are NOT allowed to mess with you..
you're my mom...and he WILL not get Chicken Brocolli Bake...he will learn something from THAT..dont give him any, no matter HOW MUCH he begs..." I must be a pretty good cook, huh?

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It's REALLY good..

take boneless breast of chicken and bake it at 350..in the meantime take
frozen broccoli and put it out to thaw...mix a can Cream of Brocoli, cream of chicken and cream of celery soup with milk..so that the mixture is lighter than what you wou;d have with a creamed soup....kinda runny...

mix it all up with Allspice and Ginger, a few shakes from each. (like three/four shakes) and when the chicken is bake 3/4 through, put the brocolli on top and pour the soup mixture over it. Cover it an let it bake for 40 minutes. In the meatime, make white rice...Uncle Ben's is great.

Serve the whole thing over the rice...it makes great leftovers too!!

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