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Anyone Have Or Likes Kerry Blue Terriers?


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[color=darkred]Hi Holz_Boomer :)

My friend used to have a Kerryblue Terrier called Alfie who I used to take on walks, he was a lovely dog although hyper at times lol.......thats because he was spoilt :roll: anyway he was eventually neautered and did calm right down so to speak.......sadly at the age of 6 years he had cancer and had to be put to sleep :(
Yes they are beautiful dogs, there coats so soft and fluffy :D

Let us know when you get one [/color]:wink:

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[quote name='Holz_Boomer']hehe yes theyre cute pups!
lucky that u got to take one for walks! :D
my aunt has one..she's gorgeous
OF COURSE i would tell you if i get one...how could i not? thats like not telling my mom i was pregnant! :o lol :lol:[/quote]

[color=darkred]Well its only because Alfie used to drag his lady owner up the road that I got the chance :lol: he was a very strong dog.
I suppose he was better off with his new family as the previous owner didn't want him and was going to have him put to sleep until they intervened, and thereafter he had everything a dog could wish for.[/color]

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