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Baby number one

Emily D

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The first baby is here,he came at 6 o clock this morning.
The new baby is finding it hard to find the nipple but we keep helping her out.Quick question,im sure i read if the baby makes noise when suckling its not getting any milk or there is a problem with the milk?.
Fill you in when they all arrive.

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Hi Emily D and Family, hope mum and little ones are doing okay :angel: , it is a frightening xperience. I had my first litter of Dane babies in February after 18 years of having Danes (the time was right for us) I have assisted my mentor Marian with four litters of Dane babes but until it's your first you never know what is going to happen, we had the mum scanned at 5 weeks and they said at least 5 :) .
She broke her waters at 9.50am the first being born at 10.25, 1lb3oz, she went on from there popping them out like peas from a pod. You would never believe it but the ninth and last one (thank God) at 6.15pm, yes the same day, was the largest at 1lb10oz, :D so she did well and all was well after. Yes it is a harrowing experience and one I look forward to again. :angel:
If you ever need help ask us, we will try and help as best as we can, I'm only a novice but every little bit helps.
Anyway. well done, good luck to babes and mum, now the sleepless nights and s..t!!!! hope you've got plenty of newspapers, you'll need them :wink:
A big Great Dane kiss from one and all :beerchug: :angel:

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I too am sorry about #2, but 8 puppies is a good size litter and sometimes
you lose some of them...how is mum doing? and how are YOU doing?

pics as soonas you can please! I love little puppies.

I'll tell you a story that might make you laugh. Back in my very young, unkowing, teenage days in my first apartment I had two cats, brother and sister. Sister cat started getting fat, and I thought she was just "getting fat"...one night while we had friends staying over, she climbed behind the couch and gave birth to two teeny tiny kittens, and the odd thing was that
the male looked just like the dad, and the female looked just like her....

well, I got them both spayed (in my ignorance back then I didnt realize they would mate, because they were siblings) and I kept all of them until
they passed on...it's the only real birth I have ever witnessed by myself...
they were so tiny...

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