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More questions about BARF?


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Okay, it seems every few days or so someone mentions RAW or BARF diets for their dogs and I started to get curious. After doing some research and reading what has been said in past threads I've found that I like what I've read.

But... now I have to convice my husband. He's a picky eater and there some foods that I don't buy because he won't eat them or the thought of them make him sick. I can't open a can of tuna for myself while he's home because the smell of it makes vomit. :oops: He's also tends to ask some difficult questions about almost any subject.

As side from the occassional smell that might or might not make him feel sick I expect him to ask the following questions or some variant there of...

How can we be sure that Felix is healthy after we switch him to a BARF or RAW diet?

How do you guys know that this is a healthy diet for your dogs?

If we cannot find someone in our town or within driving distance that sells the meats that a BARF or RAW diet recommend then where else can we get them?

That's about all I can think of for now. He's currently at work and I'm still not sure if I can sell him on this idea yet but I will give it my best shot. I will also be posting more questions as I or my husband come up with them. As for the smell... I can only promise that I will prepare all raw food while he is not in the house.


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If you are concerned with doing things "just so" and being extra careful and precise you should maybe get Volhard's Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog. It has sound vetrinary input. It also refers to a "benchmark blood test, which includes a complete blood count CBC and chemistry screen . . ." The purpose of which is to determine dogs health at outset of diet change and to compare with future tests to ensure you are improving the dogs health. In the Volhard diet their is no tripe or really strange ingredients, most can be purchased at the grocery store including the meats, you may need to go to a butcher for a few things or a health store for some things but its not to bad. As for things with strong odours its not to bad but some things that may be a problem for the very sensitive are:
Blackstrap Molasses
Cod-liver Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar
Even these wouldn't be so bad if you prepared the food while he was not home and then portioned it and kept it in tupperware in the fridge until you feed it.

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Thanks you so much Dogpaddle!! :D :D

My husband had so far only read a FAQs page and wasn't too thrilled with what he read. He's now more willing to look further into this. Wish I could say the same for my mom and sister. They told me to stick with Iams! :roll: Guess they just don't understand how much Felix really means to me. :-? Oh well! If this goes well for Felix then we'll see who's right about this. :fadein:


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[quote]How can we be sure that Felix is healthy after we switch him to a BARF or RAW diet? [/quote]

You know you're dog is healthy when you take them out and people stop you down the street in amazment on how healthy and shiney your dogs are, or when you see them next to other peoples dogs and can see how much whiter their teeth are, more toned their muscles are, how small their poos are and how their fur glistens in the sun so magnificantly next to other dogs.

[quote]How do you guys know that this is a healthy diet for your dogs? [/quote]

By their energy levels, visible health and by the loss of many behavior problems such as aggression and hyper activity. Also because you know exactly what is going in and out of your dogs stomach and that there are no preservatives or other toxins building up in your dogs digestive system.

[quote]If we cannot find someone in our town or within driving distance that sells the meats that a BARF or RAW diet recommend then where else can we get them?

Some people who feed BARF make it sound so difficult!!! Add this, grind that etc etc etc, but in reality its as hard as you make it!!! My dogs are doing greatly on chicken, beef, lamb and pork bones with pureed veggies a few times a week with added egg, apple cider vinager, oil, kelp and some wheat shoot powder that some one gave to me which I can't stomach so give it to the dogs instead!!! They occasionally get some fruit, liver, kidney, brains etc, all stuff I can buy at the super market. Yoghurt is thrown in if we have it etc, just go with what you've got and if you find something new and healthy, throw that in too!!! One thing I am looking into for Montie is a supplement called "Missing Link" which I only really want to add because he eats so little and I feel bad not spending a lot of money on him! :lol:

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And on the flip side, BARF is not for [u]every[/u] dog. Mine became extremely ill on the diet, though I carefully followed the books' and enthusiasts' instructions to the letter. I prepared it with the same meat I bought for my own consumption.

I just wanted to point out that BARF is not always the end all, cure all diet for [u]all[/u] dogs and that not [u]every[/u] dog on a well formulated kibble is less healthy than a BARF dog. Mine have the shiny coats, teeth, energy and all that as well. I can honestly say my dog did enjoy BARF more than kibble, but she also enjoys cat turds and she ain't getting those, either.

I'm not trying to talk you out of it. I do believe that BARF can have its place and I am not anti-BARF, per se (only in that I will NEVER feed it to another one of my dogs). I just pop in from time to time to point out the reality that it is not the perfect diet for [u]every[/u] dog and that it is not without risk, no matter how well read and prepared you are. Do the research, both pro and con (it's out there), and arm yourself with the information available. BARF lists are not objective sources of information, but will be great if and when you do decide to go ahead with it. It's kind of like joining a Ford forum when deciding which kind of car to buy... they're hardly going to tell you if Fords suck. Find OBJECTIVE sources of information. If you want to see the potential downside of BARF, PM me and I will see if I can dig up some of my old research. I'd just rather not start a major debate here. I never get involved with discussions of people who do feed BARF, but I do tend to pop up when people are only considering it.

Again, so the mega enthusiasts don't crucify me, I understand that BARF has its place and many dogs do well on it. There. I said it. My only bone of contention (pun intended) is that there ARE dogs who don't do well on it and it's not always from lack of execution or preparation. You will find many people who take the pollyanna view that ANY dog who isn't a booming success on BARF surely had it prepared wrong.

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Thanks guys. I have tried to keep Felix's meals as simple as possible. I've also tried supplementing RAW with kibble and he stopped eating the kibble completely! One of the reasons I'm looking into this is because of the diet he was on when I got him. (Note: This is the breeder's mother's fault not the breeder's herself.) The breeder went on vacation and left the litter in her mother's care. She thought she had enough food for the puppies to last until she got back. Unfortunately, this was not the case and her mother went out and bought Old Roy. :x The breeder was unhappy about it and had not had the chance to correct the situation before I bought Felix. I bought and feed him Iams. I tried to ease him onto the Iams but he simpley stopped eating the Old Roy and picked around it. This is the same thing he has done with the RAW diet, he picked out the RAW stuff and left the kibble. :-? I guess he has chosen what he likes best without a qualm. The upside of this is that I no longer have to worry about him eating the kibble that my mom gives her lab, Abby. Abby loves to share her food with any dog that happens to be around and it has caused mom's Shih Tzu's obessity(sp?) problem.

I know some people do not agree with this diet... my mother and sister sure don't, they won't even speak to me when I bring it up. But I can see a real difference in Felix... he's more active(I'm talking actual energy that last's longer not short bouts of hyperness), he's prettier(that coat of his is really begining to shine), his teeth are looking loads better, he has no need to run outside every thirty minutes now (he goes out every 3-4 hours)... in short he's not the same dog he was a few weeks ago. I clipped the hair around his pads last night (I try to keep it short to prevent nasty things getting caught or tangled in betweeen the pads and causing pain)and couldn't believe how much better they look and feel... they did not look this good the last time I clipped the hair back. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that not only is Felix a better looking, happier dog, but that he has had no problems with this new diet and while other's may not agree with it I couldn't be happier with the changes I see in him.

I would also like to have more recipes for him and the kitty but have been unsuccessful in finding any so far. But no matter what this diet is to be kept simple and not increase my grocery bill any more then nessacary(sp?). That is the deal I made with hubby if I chose to switch diets and so far it has worked out quite well.

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HF - No crucifixtion pending from this corner. I like feeding RAW to my dogs but keep a good high quality kibble on hand for when we travel (or when I get behind :oops: ) We all have to do what seems best for each of our individual dogs. Suggesting and unbiased investigation of BARF/RAW is very appropriate as there are certainly concerns about it, I checked out both camps before making my choice and watch carefully for signs of food poisonning or poor nutrition. So far, so good.

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"How can we be sure that Felix is healthy after we switch him to a BARF or RAW diet?"
-different dogs show different signs. Some dogs do horrible on this diet while others thrive on it. Kai was one of the dogs who thrived.

"How do you guys know that this is a healthy diet for your dogs?"
-like someone mentioned, when more people come up to you to just say that your dog has a lovely coat or sparkling eyes, you know something's changed. Also, I'm constantly taking pictures with my digital and compared pictures from before raw to after raw. There was a great difference. I went back on kibble for a few months because it was hard to pack meat/bones into the freezer. We have a very small freezer so it was really difficult. Since going back on kibble, Kai's gotten the runs alot more, his coat's a bit duller and he doesn't have the same energy he use to have.

I completely agree with checking both sides of the fence though. I joined a few anti-barf groups on yahoo along with some pro-barf groups. Some dogs don't do great on it. It's not the only diet out there for healthy dogs. But then again, I know a few dogs who probably wouldn't be here today without the barf diet. Do your research first. Make sure you know what you're doing so that when and if you do go ahead with it, you'll know that it's not the way you're doing it but the actual diet that is or isn't working.

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[quote name='mydogroxy']you can also buy premade raw from [url]www.aplaceforpaws.com[/url]

i just started roxy on barf and ordered from them. she absolutely loves AND the prices are totally reasonable.[/quote]

Can this pre-made barf be added to kibble?

I am really, really, really considering altering Sally & Rocket's diet. I am considering using more real food and just using kibble as a stable.

I am aware of how hard it is for a dog to digest kibble and don't want to ween Sally's pups straight onto kibble since the dog's digestive system is designed to digest raw meat.

I would like more info, so that I can go ahead and get her started, I don't want to change her diet at all during the 6 months prior to her being bred, if I do end up breeding her. As of right now I have a year to work with her on a change in diet.


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if you want to add fresh food to kibble, you will need to feed a dry brand that is specifically designed to have fresh protein sources added to it, otherwise you risk throwing off the mineral balance.

i don't have a great dane, but i pretty closely follow the feeding program recommended by the great dane lady ([url]http://greatdanelady.com/articles.htm[/url]), feeding a high quality dry food, adding fresh foods (of all kinds, meat as well as fruits and vegetables, yogurt, eggs etc.) and high quality supplements for enzymes, efa's and phytonutrients.

i recommend those articles for any dog owner, regardless of which breed, mix or size of dog they own, it's one of the most comprehensive sites on canine nutrition i know about. more important, this lady knows what she is talking about, it's all backed up by facts, unlike on some people's pages, where all you read is hearsay and myths that have been around for so long that they have the appearance of facts to less well informed folks.

enjoy. :)

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I strated my Weimaraner on the BARF diet over a month ago and she loves it. SHe is around 45 pounds now and looks amazing. Her coat is just so shiniy and other people are noticing it to. Its tough at first to get used to, the first day that I gave her chicken necks I thought I was going to puke but she loves it and is alot healthier then before.
My boyfriend was very picky about it too but the loves the end results. He agrees with it now and even feeds her the raw chicken necks.
Its a tough decision because all anyone ever knows is kibble.

Good luck, I learned about it from people here at Dogo and they helped me make the switch, you won't find any more information about this from any other place. They know what they are talking about, so you can look ahead to my postings. I asked all sorts of questions.

Again Good luck!!!

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