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I can't believe how much bigger they get!


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I'm looking at Zaphod's bed, the one we used when he first came home, it fits in a milk crate. He used to be able to lie out in it. Now he couldn't get much more than his head in the old bed. :o
I can't believe he was that small. He must have weighed around 3kgs, now he weighs around 26 kgs. :o
The shelter must have picked him up (wanderind alone in some residential area) at 36 to 40 days old. Way to young to be wandering anywhere, I still wonder how that happened.

I wonder if the effect is even more extreme with larger breed dogs. What weight was you dog when you brought him/her home as a pup and what is its' weight now.

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Gosh, the one that stuns me the most is my Pit-ish, Penny. She weighs exactly 50 lbs, but when she first came here at only a few weeks of age, I was able to put her in a [u]small[/u] cat carrier AND put a tiny little litter box in one end of it as a potty area. She was that tiny. I used to have to sleep with her on my chest because she would cry all night (ok, not the best training method, but geez, a puppy THAT tiny... I didn't have the heart.... :oops: ). I still have that crate and I look at Penny and... wow. She's not an enormous dog, or even really large, but it's hard to even imagine she was that tiny. :o

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Sandy was full grown. Buddy was six months old...he was only a few pounds from his adult weight. India, too. She gained only ten pounds since I got her. Gypsy was around four months old...she must've weighed the same amount of pounds. She was as long as a soda can from her shoulder to the base of her tail. Calliope was smaller than some of my shoes. She could fit, shoulder to tail, in my hand. her feet were the size of quarters. Now she's not even thirty pounds, but it takes two arms to lift her, when I could first stuff her into my jacket pocket and go. Fang was sixty-six pounds when we got him as a pound puppy. He was all bones. Age is taking it's toll--at one time he was over seventy pounds, now he's only sixty five pounds again.

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